Medical Photography Brisbane

In these uncertain times with Covid 19 and restrictions facing & effecting everyday people’s lives & business I’m glad to be living in a great country like Australia where medical research & hospitals has been put under a load of stress to cope & deal with the pandemic & keeping it’s people out of harms way by not only containing the Virus but also taking extreme measures to keep it out of this magnificent country of ours.. During my 25 year career in the photography industry I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at all major Brisbane Hospital & Research Labs providing images to be used in their advertising or just purely documenting the continuing research & the professionals undertaking those tasks.I have scrubbed up to capture images in operating theaters & I have stood next to some of the best surgeons in the world who’s dedication,passion and commitment is second to none and I feel honored & secure living among these medical professionals.I have visited many countries but I feel Australia is leading the way in the Medical Research area, our health care in both public & private sector is by far one of the best in the world.

The photographs accompanied with this article were captured at the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Labs here in Brisbane.

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