A Portrait of 2 Friends

Sally & Janelle have a friendship that spans more than 20 years.

When Sally & Janelle visited it was like having 2 gorgeous schoolgirls in the studio. There were non-stop giggles that would turn into fits of laughter. A few times I (Anna) had to check on Andrew and the girls to see what was so funny! Lets just say (like always) when they get together there is lots of fun had.

For this special event they chose a vintage theme, and typical of their relationship and in their words, “We love our coffees and chats, dressing up to go special places and always somehow turn up wearing matching or complimentary clothes which again happened for the photo shoot. It was a really special day, thank you both for your stunning work and for giving us exactly the photos we had hoped for.” Thank-you Sally and Janelle for your visit. Your friendship is to be envied and cherished.


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