An Unbreakable Bond – A Mother’s Love


Who: Lorraine + Libby

Where: Porfyri Studio

When: Feb 2014

What: Mother/Daughter Portrait Session


There is something indescribable about a mother/daughter bond. Something special and magical that is almost beyond words and sometimes, it’s only a picture that can fully illustrate the connection. Lorraine and her gorgeous daughter Libby came in with the intention of finally getting one amazing image of them together and they left with a whole collection.

Q: Describe the photoshoot experience in 5 words? 

Personal, Calm, Relaxing, Fun, Enjoyable.

Q: Why pick Andrew? 

We chose Andrew because of his industry reputation, and the Porfyri Photography’s support of charitable events.

Q: What were your expectations and did they change after the shoot? 

Our expectations were to get one memorable shot of my daughter for her 21st birthday and one of us together. Our expectations were greatly exceeded and we ended up with not only many fabulous pictures to choose from but CDs, DVDs and canvas art work.

Q: Funniest moment when being photographed was…?

Trying to fall naturally into a wall and making silly faces at each other whilst trying to do the serious shots.

Q: Best advice your mother gave you? 

Begin with the end in mind … and when you’re sick, always take Vitamin C and Echinacea.

Q: Did you do any special preparation for the shoot?

We got our makeup done together.

Q: What did you think of the images? Has it changed your relationship at all?

The images were far beyond our expectations and will be cherished to the day we are both old and grey.

Q: Anything else we should know?

Anna made the editing and photo selection process an easy and memorable experience.


To celebrate the love you feel for your family/mum/child/husband/grand pop – book in for a Portrait Session with Andrew. Just call the studio 3393 0066 or email Anna on




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