And then there was three…

There is nothing like holding your baby for the first time and for new parents Amy and Matthew, their joy was obvious. They brought their teeny tiny newborn William into our studio and we couldn’t stop oooohhhing. So much cuteness. We chatted to Amy about the experience and what being a new mum is like for her.

Describe the experience in three words?
Relaxed enjoyable beautiful
Why did you decide to have a baby shoot?
We wanted to record this precious time in William’s life as they grow up and change so quickly.  And these beautiful photos have certainly done that for us.

Have you done anything like this before or have any of your friends?
We haven’t done this before but many people I know have had baby photos taken and they are always gorgeous and a great reminder of that precious time in their lives.
Did it match your expectations?
It matched and exceeded our expectations

Any advice to other new mums who are looking to do something like this? Any special preparation required?
If you can do it then definitely make the time to get it done. Before you know it they grow and change and don’t stay little babies for very long at all.  I already look back now (just four weeks after the photos were taken) and marvel at how different William looks. There is no particular preparation required. It’s all very easy.

Do you have a favourite photo?
My favourite photos are the family photos.  William is our first child so it’s been a transition for us from couple to family and these photos always make me smile.

What are you going to do with the photos?
Some we are giving to our parents and some we have framed to hang in the house.

What does being a mum mean to you?
I love being a mum. I love seeing him change from week to week and becoming more interactive.  I love cuddle time and play time and just being with him. I love it when he looks at me and smiles.

Would you recommend this to other mums or families and why?
Yes I would recommend it. Take the opportunity to record this precious and fleeting time in your baby’s and family’s time in life.

Most surprising thing about motherhood? 
How quickly time goes by and how fast they grow.

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