Band Of Brothers

WHO: Delappe + Lachlan, Sebastian, Marcus.

WHERE: Porfyri Studio

WHEN: FEB 2014

WHAT: Family Portrait Session

What woman doesn’t love to be surrounded by handsome, well-mannered and funny men? And how proud would you feel when you know that those same men are your three sons. This is how Delappe felt about her photoshoot with Andrew and her boys Lachlan, Sebastian and Marcus. And she shared some thoughts with us afterwards.

Q: Describe the photoshoot experience in FIVE words? 

Amazing, fun, connecting, emotional, inspiring

Q: What were your expectations? 

My expectations were more than fulfilled having now bought a beautiful collection of magnificent photos that have captured the essence of my three sons and us as a family beautifully!

Q: Funniest moment when being photographed was…? 

When the boys were waiting for their shoot and ALL three were on their mobile phones! Andrew captured this moment on film.

Q: How important is capturing images of your family do you think? 

Very. I had portraits done 10 years ago for my 40th  to commemorate us as a family, and to do it again 10 years later is very special!

Q: Any advice to mothers especially if they are raising boys? 

Oh!! So much advice I should write a book (actually, I have started one somewhere!). What I have found as I get older is how important it is for us as mothers to act as role models for our sons. Through us, it teaches them about women, and how to respect and love women. I also have raised the boys to believe in themselves as people, by allowing them to make mistakes, consider their own unique talents and being genuine and authentic with them about life in general. I hope I have raised very emotionally-intelligent men, although they keep telling me women are a mystery to them.

Q: Did you do any special preparation for the shoot? 

The boys were told to wear white and denim just as we had worn 10 years ago.

Q: What did your men think of the shoot? 

They loved them and see the photos as a keepsake of themselves, their brotherly love and their relationship with their mum.

Q: Who was the most relaxed behind the camera? 

Marcus (the baby).

Q: How are you going to choose the final images? 

We have already chosen them! Anna and I cried throughout the whole viewing… it was a very special moment.

Q: Anything else we should know? 

I want to thank Anna and Andrew for providing the opportunity and expertise to portray my children and myself in this way. I am extremely happy with the shoot and it has reminded me how lucky I am to have raised such beautiful and happy children!




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