Family Fun

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Giselle and Thinus and their lovely kids came in to see us at the studio and we captured the easy love and connection between them.

The photos turned out beautifully and we love how natural everyone looks. It was an effortless shoot and one that was fun for the Porfyri team. It’s never hard working with super cute kids that laugh all the time 🙂

We chatted to Giselle about her family and the photoshoot…

Describe the experience in a sentence? Fun

Why did you decide to come and have a photoshoot? I saw their awesome photos on a friends Facebook page.

Was it difficult to organise? Do you have any advice for other parents to make it easier/less stressful? Not at all, Anna was very friendly and helpful.

Favourite moment of the shoot? The kids. Anna was just magic with the monkey which resulted in the best photos of our five year old son and our three year old daughter.

What prep did you do? Emailed Porfyri with questions I had regarding options and pricing and got all the information I needed to make the decision an easy one.

Would you have done anything differently? No.

Have you picked some of the images to hang in your home? Which were your favourites and why? Oh yes, some beautiful moments very typical of our kids characters, but still looked like could be used in a magazine.

How important is it to preserve memories via photos? VERY!!

Any funny stories from the day? Not really. Just poor Anna that had to be the funny monkey to amuse the kids.

Anything else yo’d like to share? What I really loved about the experience was the personal touch. Porfyri really made me feel like a valued customer and the interaction was like I have known them all my life. I was much appreciated.

Have a look and see what you think of the family portraits. If you’re thinking about having a session, just call us up on 3393 0066 and book in with us. We’d love to help you preserve your favourite family memories!

Have you decided it’s time to get the family together to take some photographs? Come in and see us – we promise it’ll be fun and painless. Simply email us at or call the studio and chat to Anna on 3393 0066.


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