A note from Laura:

 I wanted to give my “soul mate” sister something special for her 40th birthday so I decided to have some photos taken of her two children.  I asked around at work if anyone had any recommendations and the resounding answer was “Porfyri Photography”.  My sister loves photography and I wanted to give her something a bit different – not the usual portrait photos available in local shopping centres.  I called Porfyri Photography and they suggested a photo shoot of the kids at the Powerhouse. 

 I was a bit nervous on the day because the kids can be a bit shy and I really wanted their personalities to come through in the photographs.  I shouldn’t have worried – Andrew was fantastic!  He managed to capture my niece and nephew perfectly.  Even the viewing experience was special – Anna never rushed me into making a decision on what photo’s to purchase – she was really creative and helped me choose a series of shots that were perfect. 

 I could not wait to give my sister her gift and see her reaction – she opened her gift and burst into tears when she saw the beautifully presented photos.  She poured over the photos for hours noticing every little nuance that Andrew had captured.

 Thank you Andrew and Porfyri Photography for helping me give my sister such a wonderful gift.”


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