Now and then – Giselle and Miguel

Gabrielle brought her beautiful kids Giselle and Miguel in to us for a portrait session about seven years ago and the shots were stunning. We actually had a photo of Giselle hanging in our studio window for a long time as we loved that photo.

Recently, Gabrielle decided it was time for another shoot to mark her children getting older and growing up. Still just as polite, fun and photogenic – Giselle and Miguel look like great friends as well as brother and sister.

We thought you might like to see some of the earlier shots too from the first shoot so we popped them at the bottom of this blog. Having a family ourselves, we know how important it is to make time to capture your kids at all different ages so when they’re all grown up, you can look back on the photos and memories.

Looking to capture your kids before they grow up? It all happens so fast – we know because we watched ours go from babies to teenagers in the blink of an eye! So don’t delay – capture them now before they get any older. Book in for a studio portrait session with us, simply email or call the studio on 3393 0066.

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