A Perfect Day – Bree + Daniel

When Bree and Daniel met, it wasn’t love at first sight but after being best friends for a year, the two realised it was more. The two lovebirds balance each other out and on their wedding day, it was obvious how well they fit together. So many smiles and happy tears (from the groom) and beautiful photos.

We chatted to Bree afterwards and found out what she thought about her special day…

Describe your day in one sentence.
Hectic, emotional and amazing all mixed in together.


What was your favourite moment from the day?

It was after the ceremony when my now husband and I got into the car together, it was great to finally be able to talk and hold hands.


The first thing you thought when you woke up was?

My first thought was of the weather and I hoped that the dark grey clouds would move to avoid a frizzy hair incident.


The most surprising part was? 

Seeing the emotion on Dan’s face when I walked in the door of the church. I really didn’t think that he would cry!


Would you change anything about the day?

Not a thing, it was perfect!

Advice to other brides-to-be?

No matter how hard you plan, something will always go wrong on the day- just embrace it.


Was it everything you imagined it would be?

It was everything I hoped that it would be, it’s a shame how fast the day goes


What were you feeling when you walked down the aisle?

It was very surreal and I had butterflies in my belly, it was also quite emotional for my father – which created a happy tension in the air.


Tell us about the dress? 

It was the dress I refused to try on, but loved it as soon as I did. It was a classic pure silk, strapless,  full skirted ball gown, with a silver belt from Wendy Makin. Even though it was the second dress that I tried on, I then proceeded to visit 6 other bridal stores that day. Nothing could else could compare!
What do you think about the photographs that Robin took? Did they capture the day?
I couldn’t have been happier with the photographs, there are some really beautiful shots and Robin did a fantastic job of capturing the day. She was incredibly patient when everything went wrong in the morning and with our beautiful but cheeky flower girls. She gave it 110% and stayed longer than she needed to in order to get the best photos.


Do you have a favourite and why?

I have so many favourites and it would be so hard to pick just one, but possibly the photo of Dan and I up on a wall, two Groomsmen had to lift me up on top of the wall and I had to take my shoes off so I wouldn’t – fall but the photo is simply spectacular. My next favourite would be of Daniel and I in front of a concrete wall at Powerhouse. My veil was blowing in the right direction and Robin captured the perfect kiss!


Everyone said you two were just the happiest couple – tell us about your love story. How did you meet? When did you know he was your one? 

Dan and I met when we both worked together for Queensland Health.  At first I didn’t like him but shortly after we got to know each other we became really good friends. Over a year went by and one Saturday night Dan invited one of my friends and I to a bbq. I liked Dan but of course thought he didn’t like me. It was on this night thanks to one of his friends and our groomsmen that all was revealed. A few months later we started dating and not long after Dan got accepted into the Royal Military College of Australia. I made the decision to pack up my whole life, leave my friends, family and job to move down to Canberra with him. I started to think that Dan was the one but it was after having limited contact for 8 weeks (only by letters and two five minute phone calls) that I really knew how much he meant to me and that he was the one.


How do you complement each other? Are you similar or very different?

We are very different but we complement each other well. I am very organised and always like to know what’s going on but Dan is happy to take things as they come. Neither of us are afraid to get our hands dirty and that helps out a lot around the house.

Best advice about love you’ve ever received and from whom?

Dan’s father once said, “when you know, you just know.”

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