Andrew and Anna – 2014 in reflection

We have had a huge year here at Porfyri Photography, full of highs and lows, with lots of love, new clients and photo shoots. We’ve captured memories and moments all over Australia and in the process photographed weddings, engagements, baby portraits, family photo shoots, commercial jobs, food, alcohol, headshots, fine art images and  fashion. And that is while renovating our home and being parents to three amazing kids.

Here’s what we thought of 2014…

Anna says –

This year for me was all about getting to know my customers more, choosing to have quality rather than quantity. We were more selective of our clients and jobs this year, as the older I get, the more sentimental and more focused on relationships I become. For me, I wanted to become more connected to each individual or couple and nurture the relationship and celebrate it. Which meant less people but better time spent with each person or family which I loved.

The people we worked with this year were interesting, and we had a whole range of different experiences. From the happiest of days to some very sad dark days, our beautiful clients taught us so much. There were some families that reminded me how important it is to hold your loved ones close and appreciate them as a few of our couples had sadness, trauma or the death of parents close to their wedding. It takes courage to love and it takes even more courage to keep loving after you have lost someone special. There was one particular woman, a mother who had just lost her husband and was still mourning and she turned up to her son’s wedding to show him how to live through tough times. That ability to cope with such pain was so inspiring and made me even more determined to be the best mother, daughter, wife and friend I can be.

We capture history, we document the memories of a lifetime and when I think of it like that, I feel so lucky to be doing this. If you get up and show up, we will capture it all for you in the most amazing way.

What I’ve realised this year is that I view the business as part of my family. Every client that comes through our doors, I want to do my very best for them so they have these beautiful photographs that last a lifetime. And I see the photos every day at work so it almost feels like each person, couple and family become so familiar to me that when I see them in real life, it’s like seeing someone from my family and I want to hug them.

This year I also lost a friend and this made me reflect and appreciate what I do have and what really matters. I’ve gone back to the simple things in life – family, love, home. Our clients keep us young and inspire us. In fact, after a wedding when I’ve been surrounded by all these beautiful women, I often feel like going to have a makeover the next day to keep up as I don’t feel old. But then I know that beauty is on the inside anyway and just feel grateful I get to experience so much love as part of my job.

Andrew says –

This was a funny year in many ways – more obstacles and more challenges for many. This year we’ve had to push ourselves a little harder and give even more than we thought was possible.

We focused on making the customer feel number one and feel special and taken care of. My focus was on enhancing the client’s experience and capturing those moments that meant the most to them.

This year was also very creatively rewarding. I was part of the AIPP awards – I entered and also judged. It is so good to a part of community and also really good to challenge yourself and to see what my people are up to. It’s the time of the year where we get together and put our creative minds together and collaborate. I enjoy  seeing so many talented photographers getting together and promoting and becoming connected by having these awards. I think it is really important to be rewarded for your hard work and creative thinking. And Porfyri Photography walked away with the QLD Illustrative Photograher of the Year.

I also photographed the cover of Queensland Brides: Brides Magazine with nine models. That was a fun day. It was their 30th birthday anniversary and they had come up with a concept for their special edition front cover. I feel grateful and honoured that they asked me. I also shared the cover of Brisbane Bride so 2shooting for two front covers of magazines has been really nice.

Being Porfyri Photography – we always give that little bit extra and I think that’s the difference between sinking or swimming and this year we’ve had to swim hard, think differently and open our minds to new options and ideas.

On the personal front, we have been building a new home which has been stressful and due for completion in February but we’re so excited. So there has been happiness building the house, some sadness with family illnesses and challenges with juggling the work/life balance. But our kids are healthy, we work with great clients in a creative role and help capture people’s special moments. And that is very rewarding.

Thank you for being part of our 2014 and we hope to see you in 2015.





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