Michael & Stella

What you notice about Michael & Stella is that their love has a sweetness that begs you to ask ‘do they ever have an argument?’ Stella says ‘yes of course’ but we find it hard to believe!

Stella says “To me what was most special about the wedding was really the presence and love of all our family and friends. Personally I felt like there was so much emotion from everyone, everyone was so happy for us and really had fun and enjoyed themselves, it wasn’t just like they were ‘at another wedding’,  they really wanted to be there. It was just the best feeling looking on the dance floor seeing everyone dancing and having fun, and I just really felt the love and happiness from my family, I remember seeing my sister crying on the dance floor and my parents dancing all night.

It really meant a lot to have relatives there who had traveled also. I know Michael was happy to have his relatives from Greece, Sydney and Adelaide. And it meant so much to me to have my relatives up from Adelaide. And two of my cousins from Adelaide (Mariah – my bridesmaid and her sister Demi) sang two songs at the reception! It was a surprise and it meant so much to me. I cried the whole time (my make up was ruined for the rest of the night but it was worth it!). Michael’s sister Reni also played a song on the piano that she had written herself, and my sister’s speech was so amazing.”


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