Opposites Attract

Gregs and Eleni had known each other for so long before they finally leapt into a relationship. Now, they couldn’t imagine life without the other and their wedding day was filled with so much laughter, happy tears, dancing and speeches. And the whole time, they were surrounded by the people they cared about the most – their family and closest friends.

We chatted to the beautiful couple about the experience and if they would change anything about their special day.

Describe your day in one sentence.

Eleni: The best day of our lives filled with love, laughter, lots of crazy fun memories and with all the people special to us.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

Eleni: After a busy, hectic morning at home, followed by one hundred and fifty well wishes from family at my house before leaving for the church, it was such a surreal moment finally making eye contact with my husband-to-be as I neared the altar. I get goosebumps remembering this moment.

The first thing you thought when you woke up was?

Eleni: Oh man…it’s 5am! I could have done with another hour or two!

The most surprising part was?

Eleni: Walking into the hall after months of preparation I was so overwhelmed with joy that I had to stop, kiss my husband and take it all in! The hall looked amazing and to see it filled with all of our beautiful family and friends was so heartening.

Would you change anything about the day?

Eleni: NO WAY JOSE! Our day was more perfect than we could have ever imagined! We are so thankful to our families and all those who helped make it so special for us!

Advice to other brides-to-be?

Eleni: Enjoy the lead up time and make the most of the day. It was over so quickly. It is important to not stress too much, everything falls into place sooner or later (I wish I took my own advice).

Was it everything you imagined it would be?

Eleni: Yes and so much more! They say the day goes quickly. It really does. However looking back, I feel like I enjoyed and made the most of every moment.

What were you feeling when you walked down the aisle?

Eleni: I have to share a funny story. Standing outside the church, just before I walked down the aisle, our gorgeous nephew Yiorgio stood infront of my dad and me. He turned around and so innocently asked “Thea (aunty) Leni, why are you marrying a different man? Where is Theo (uncle) Gregs?” My dad and I laughed and this helped calm my nerves. Yiorgio was confused as to why Dad was standing next to me and the groom was nowhere to be seen.

I saw the faces of many of my nearest and dearest. I was especially touched by those who weren’t invited but had come to witness our marriage. I could sense my father’s love and how proud he felt as he walked me down the aisle. I waited eagerly for the moment where Gregs and I would make eye contact. I thought to myself ‘this is it!’

Tell us about the dress?

Eleni: My dress was made by the very talented Steven Khalil. After trying on many wedding dresses and meeting a number of designers in Sydney, my Mum, Aunty, sister and I absolutely fell in love with Steven! He took time to get to know all of us – he even asked my Mum and Aunty about their vintage wedding dresses. It was such a wonderful experience having him make my wedding dress. He combined my likes (including my mother’s prerequisites), as well as my personality, into a dress that I believe suited me to a tee. It was understated, however the lace and beaded details added that special something.

What do you think about the photographs that Andrew took? Did they capture the day?

Eleni: As Gregs and I looked through the photos, we were so happy as it seemed as though the photos portrayed exactly how we remembered feeling on the day. Most of the photos are natural shots – catching our real expressions. Neither of us are very good at posing. We were so relaxed having our photos taken, even though there was so much happening around us.

Do you have a favourite and why?

Eleni: I absolutely love the photo of us arm in arm, looking at each other with a beautiful blue sky background behind us. It looks like we are on top of the world and nothing else matters except being together and enjoying that moment!

Gregs: I have a few. The first is of Eleni in the car out the front of the church.  I wasn’t there so I loved seeing her reactions when she first arrived. I also love Andrew’s artistic photos so another favourite is the one as my groomsmen and I entered the church. I also like the photo of my wife and I on top of a hill with a tree in the background and a ray of sunlight over us.

Everyone said you two were just the happiest couple – tell us about your love story. How did you meet? When did you know he was your one?

Eleni: Gregs and I were good friends for a long time before we decided to take a chance at a relationship. He had been my first kiss years before… After spending a lot of time together hanging out with mutual friends, along with my cousin and Gregs’ brother who had just married, we started to feel that maybe it was time to see what would come of it … we kept it on the down low for a while of course. Being in a relationship with my best friend ended up being the best feeling in the world!

How do you complement each other? Are you similar or very different?

Eleni: Gregs and I are complete opposites. Our family and friends would agree. We both bring out the best in each other and still have a lot to learn from one another.

Best advice about love you’ve ever received and from whom?

Gregs: I don’t think I have ever received great love advice and I am not an overly emotional person myself. I don’t think love can be explained or taught. I can remember however, one day sitting on my own thinking if Eleni was the girl for me, listing all of the good and a few bad things (jokes) about her. It wasn’t until I thought about life without her that I realised how true and strong my love for her was.

What an amazing couple! And how beautiful are the images? It feels like watching a fairytale movie, except in photographs.

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