Pre-Wedding Shoot – Evelyn + Lyle



Who: Evelyn + Lyle

What: Wedding Pre-shoot

When: 27.09.13

Where: Porfyri Studio


Q: Describe Andrew in 5 words?

Genuine, Honest, Friendly, Talented, Creative.


Q: Your partner’s mum is a photographer so why did you pick Andrew to be your wedding photographer?

Lyle’s mum wanted to just be part of the day rather than the photographer so she recommended three photographers for us to look at and after seeing Andrew’s work – we just knew he was the one for us.


Q: Was the pre-wedding shoot what you expected? What did you do?

We had already seen Andrew’s style and loved it so we just talked about some of the details and then we just let him take charge. We knew we trusted what he would do and we honestly were so blown away by the photos.


Q: What was reaction when you saw the images from your shoot?

Actually Lyle and I cried when we first saw the photo as they were so amazing.


Q: How is Andrew different to other wedding photographers?

He is so genuine and down-to-earth, he even showed Lyle what happens behind-the-scenes and how he creates the end result. Which was so awesome and showed how confident he is in his work that he can be that transparent with what he does.


Q: Do you have any tips or advice for about-to-be brides?

Learn how to delegate and let others help you with everything. I like to be in control and do everything myself and with a wedding, that just doesn’t work. So share the jobs and let people be part of the process – it will take away so much stress.


To book your pre-wedding shoot with Andrew, simply call the studio on 3393 0066 or email

** Lyle being playful!! **

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