Pre-wedding Shoot – Katelyn + Thanasi

“Lovers at Sunset”

Who: Katelyn + Thanasi

What: Wedding Pre-shoot

When: 9.02.13

Where: The Woolstores, Teneriffe

Q: What are the benefits of doing a pre-shoot? 

It’s a wonderful chance to get to know your photographer better before the wedding day, to give you an insight into what will happen during your wedding shoot and most importantly to become a little more confident in front of the camera!


Q: Has it made you more relaxed/ confident/ excited about the wedding photos?

All of the above! We have complete faith in Andrew as our wedding photographer and know that he will keep clicking ‘til he has as many incredible photos as possible.


Q: What was the experience like on the day?

For our pre-wedding shoot Andrew and Anna helped us to choose a gorgeous location in Teneriffe near The Woolstores. We met Andrew there one sunset and at the start we were a little clueless about what to do, but luckily Andrew has a wonderful knack for giving you guidance when needed but encouraging you to take the lead so that the romance between you as a couple shines through in the photographs.


Q: How did you find Andrew and why choose him as your photographer?

Thanasi’s family has known Andrew for many years, he is an old school friend of his parents and has been their family photographer for monumental events from school formals to weddings. Over the years we have seen many of Andrew’s wonderful photographs that show his unique style, incredible passion, attention to detail, creativity and natural talent for photography so for us he was an obvious choice.


Q: What was your reaction when you saw the pictures?

Anna first sent us a sneak peek photo from our afternoon shoot that had captured a beautiful moment between Thanasi and I. We absolutely adored the photo from the minute we saw it and were so impressed when we saw all the other shots. Andrew captured so many wonderful moments that we will always look back on to remember that special time in our engagement.


Q: Do you have any advice for brides for wedding preparation and photography?

Take the time to enjoy every aspect from the wedding planning to the day itself. Literally stop and smell those roses! What matters the most is sharing the moment and celebrating your love as a couple with the people in your life that you love, your family and friends. These are the people in your life who are the cornerstones of who you are and will be an important part of your new life as a married couple. When there is family, friends, love, laughter and fun in the room — your photographs will capture this and be beautiful memories of the day.


Q: Can you give me 6 words to describe the shoot/ experience?

Timeless pictures of lovers at sunset.


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