When Love Rides In


Who: Marija + Thomas

Where: West End

When: August 2013

What: Wedding

It’s not every day that the groom rides in on a donkey but that’s exactly what Thomas decided to do on his wedding day to Marija. It was a beautiful moment that was unique and unusual and suited the couple perfectly. The wedding day was full of fun, traditions and love and we asked Marija a few questions about getting married to a man on a donkey…

Q: Describe your wedding day in five words?

Traditional, joyful, unique, romantic and multicultural.

Q: What was the highlight?

Finally getting married and having all of our closest family and friends sharing all the special moments of our day with us.

Q: Funniest moment?

There were so many funny moments throughout the day/ night including: the speeches, everyone’s reactions to Thomas riding on a donkey through West End, the page boy dressed as a security guard, our sweet elderly limousine driver constantly forgetting to turn his indicators off and our priest at the reception accidentally calling Thomas, ‘Matheus’ when he blessed the food.

Q: How did you feel throughout the day?

There were a lot of mixed emotions for the both of us. We were nervous, anxious, excited, overwhelmed, amazed, in love, blessed and happy.

Q: What did you love about your wedding photographs?

We loved how Andrew managed to capture so much emotion and action In just one image. We also love how each time we look at the photos we would instantly relive each moment of the day.

Q: Do you have any advice for brides-to-be?

Be nice to your husband, iron his clothes, have dinner on the table ready when he comes home. (That was Thomas’ advice haha!) The advice I would give to brides to be is to make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before because you have great big day ahead of you. Try to enjoy every moment as much as you can because it goes too quick!

Q: If you could change anything, would you?

If we could, we would do it all again exactly the same.

Q: Why did you choose Andrew as your photographer?

Andrew came highly recommended to us be family and friends and after meeting both Andrew and Anna we were convinced they were the right choice for us.

Q: Is there one photograph that sums up the day for you?

We don’t think there is only one photo that sums up the whole day. We feel that our wedding was made up of many wonderful chapters. There were many beautiful photos which summed up each of these chapters.

Q: Best advice you’ve been given about love and marriage?

The best advice was in my father’s speech when told Thomas to always remember; happy wife, happy life!

Q: Tell me about how your families were involved?

Our families played a very important role in our wedding, we had our siblings in the bridal party and our parents and relatives were there to help us embrace our traditions.

Q: Did you incorporate any traditional elements into your day?

We tried to make sure we kept to as many traditions as we could, it was very important for us and our families to keep to tradition. Thomas and his family had the traditional “groom shaving” ceremony in the morning and then the groom’s family came to the bride’s house to “buy” the bride and deliver my shoes. Thomas then rode a donkey from his parent’s house to the church accompanied by musicians, and then we walked down the aisle together.

Q: Anything else we should know?

We just want to thank Andrew and Anna for their patience on our wedding day and for the amazing photos!




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