Food Photography

What Is Food Photography?

Professional food photography is used to represent the colours, textures, shapes and ingredients of a dish in a unique, artistic and persuasive manner. Food photography is a specialisation of commercial photography – it is featured primarily in cookbooks, menus, magazines, advertisements and on packaging. Often, professional food photography is a collaborative effort involving an art director, photographer, food stylist and prop stylist.

Why Does Your Business Need Food Photography?

Do you want potential customers to see photos of your food and think ‘Wow, I’ve got to taste that’? If so, you need professional food photography. You put so much effort into your menu, so why would you settle for average or run-of-the-mill photographs to represent your dishes? People eat with their eyes first, and great food photography will captivate viewers, entice them and, most of all, get their mouths watering and stomachs rumbling.

Porfyri Food photography

At Porfyri, we work hard to create food photographs that are professional, unique, creative and visually appealing on all levels. Our studio experience has helped us understand that an effective food image needs to be of high-quality for it to entice your customers. We create images that will elevate your company’s visual representation and help you to define your brand in new ways. Just some of our past clients include The Coffee Club, Eagle Boys, Capilano Honey and Nandos.

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