4 Key Considerations for Capturing the Perfect Product Shot


When planning a product shot for marketing purposes, it is important to have a clear goal in mind and a method to help you achieve it. Very few products find a way to stand out in oversaturated markets, so hiring a professional with industry experience can help you cut through the crowd. While a pro will have ideas of their own, you need to ensure their proposals are in keeping with the personality and values of the brand.

In order to get the best results, we have compiled some key considerations you should make before calling in a professional for product shots.

What Message Am I Trying to Convey?

It is important to remember that every aspect in a still product shot conveys something to the audience, be it colour, angle, composition or point of focus. When planning a product shot that tells the story of a product in a series of images, you should be looking to elicit a response. For example, photography for a pair of designer leather boots should give a sense of what the shoes feel like, smell like; your imagery should evoke tactile sensations that are familiar to the viewer.

Let There Be Light

Natural vs artificial light is a constant consideration for professional photographers, but don’t be afraid to fight for your preference when hiring a pro for product shots.

Natural light has an organic feel that is appreciated in social media circles, but shooting in natural light can lead to unwanted colour mixing and reflections. As for artificial light, consistency is a major benefit but there can be logistical problems setting up equipment that takes up tons of space. When hiring a professional, make sure they own the necessary equipment and have enough room to bring your vision to life.

Less Is Sometimes More

Very often, businesses will envision a high-concept product shot laden with digital enhancement, but it is best to be careful with this style of photography. While digital enhancement can work wonders on certain products, you must be careful that the work is in keeping with the culture and personality of your brand. Perfume or makeup imagery is often laden with effects, and often it appears that it has been used in a vain attempt to appear more dramatic; smart colour balancing and composition are better tactics to achieve this goal.

Choose Colours That Work with Your Intent

Thoughtful use of colour is vital to achieving product shots that convey your intent. Before hiring  a professional, think about the type of colour schemes that will effectively promote your brand and product. Traditional notions of colour, such as red for boldness and love and green for peace and health, can be altered when other colours are involved.

For example, red paired with white will often produce results that elicit emotions of safety and freshness, while red paired with black is a little riskier and more dynamic. Come up with combinations of your own, and run your ideas past a professional when preparing to shoot.

Work with Porfyri Photography for Powerful Product Shots

Professional product photography takes more than just equipment and enthusiasm. With more than 20 years experience in product photography, our studio can deliver results that you will love. For more information, give us a call on (07) 3393 0066.

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