The Importance of Professional Architecture Photography

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What is architecture photography?

Architecture photography is exactly what is sounds like… the photography of architectural structures. Great architecture photography needs to make the most of a structure’s design and environmental setting. The best architecture photography is interesting, aesthetically appealing, skilful and accurate.

Architecture photography is not real estate photography

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Real estate photography showcases properties with the intention of making a sale. Architecture photography, on the other hand, is focused on capturing the aesthetic and intention of a structure in the most interesting and unique way possible.

Basically, if you want to sell a house, hire a real estate photographer. But If you want to show off the distinct character and art of a structure, you need to hire an architecture photographer.

Why you need an architecture photographer

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Architecture photographers create images that are as bold and imaginative as the structures they are photographing. An architect puts so much thought, time and energy into their designs, so it’s important that they hire a photographer who can do their designs justice.

Porfyri Architecture Photography

We have extensive experience in architectural photography, and our body of work includes the photography of new works, fit-outs, refurbishments and more. We have worked with some of Australia’s top architects, and our architecture photographs have been featured in websites, marketing collateral and magazines. No matter how big, small or challenging your brief is, we will use our experience, creativity and technical insight to deliver outstanding results.

Do you need an architecture photographer to capture the design of your structure? Contact us online or call 07 3393 0066 to find out more.

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