Set Yourself for Success: Why High-Quality Business Images are Vital

High-Quality Business Images are Vital-blog-image2

The photography you use on your website says a lot about the values and culture of your enterprise. Thoughtful, dynamic business images can capture the imagination of your users and encourage them to make contact with you.

Conversely, the use of low-quality or stock imagery can have the opposite effect. We explain why professional business images are a necessary expense for those seeking to establish their enterprise.

First Impressions Are Hard to Overcome

As humans, we decide on the suitability of products and services very quickly. The business images you deploy on your website need to accurately and positively convey your proposition to users. In terms of importance, the images you choose can outstrip the text that describes your business.

No matter how good your product or service standards are, prospective customers will never know if they are deterred from reading on by substandard images for promotion.

Amateur or Stock Photography Can Seem Inauthentic

Even in 2018, many businesses still opt for stock photography to help promote their business. Stock photography has some value in certain applications, but promotion of a business is not one of them. Stock images may be cheap in the short term, but their ‘all-purpose’ nature means they cannot get to the heart of what makes your business unique and worthwhile.

Most People React to Visuals over Text

Images and text can work in conjunction, but most people you meet will claim to be visual learners who respond better to imagery. Users visiting websites will often simply scan the text they see on a homepage, placing greater importance on thoughtful use of photography.

The imagery associated with your enterprise will be available online indefinitely, so it makes sense for the business images that bear your name to be of the highest standard possible.

You Can Convey Your Culture, History and Values in a Series of Images

A series of professional business images can create a narrative that text cannot. Whether you use a pro for corporate portraits, headshots or commercial photography of your business premises, the values and intent of your enterprise can be conveyed.

Great photography transcends language and complex jargon, summarises information and can be understood in a matter of seconds. Particularly striking business images will stick in the mind of a viewer long after the text they view slips from their minds.

High-Quality Business Images are Vital-blog-image

An Experienced Hand Can Bring New Perspective  

Career photographers can help to expand upon the ideas you might have for business images. As an entrepreneur, you will no doubt have ideas for product or business shots – a professional will be reverent to this, and allow you to fully realise the concepts through their experience. Photographers know how to augment a narrative through use of light, angles and perspective.

Tailored Business Images from Porfyri Photography

You only have one chance to make a lasting first impression, so place your trust in Porfyri Photography for dynamic business images.

Our experienced team can deliver professional portrait photography, as well as commercial photography services for any business. Give us a call today on (07) 3393 0066 to speak to Andrew Porfyri, or make use of our online contact page.

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