Photo Studio Brisbane

Porfyri Photography is one of the leading photo studios Brisbane can offer. Andrew Porfyri possesses over 20 years of professional experience, and has used his creative flair and technical skills to produce dynamic image sets for a range of industries.

Professional Imagery for a Range of Industries

At Porfyri, our expertise in photography extends across a range of industries and applications.

The world of professional photography is competitive, and we strive to produce exceptional quality work in all circumstances. We combine passion, dedication, technique and an appreciation of the abstract to create work that lingers in the mind of viewers.

The images you associate with your business should be of the highest possible quality, regardless of your industry. For more information on the benefits of professional photography, check out our blog posts on the subject:

Our Brisbane Photo Studio

We chose our Brisbane photo studio as a base due to its unique beauty and proximity to the Brisbane CBD.

For fashion, commercial or personal portraiture, our photo studio in Brisbane can act as the perfect backdrop.

Our Past and Present Client List

Long-term partnerships with commercial clients demonstrate the integrity of a photo studio, and Porfyri Photography have been commissioned for tasks with numerous reputed businesses. Broad Construction, The Coffee Club, Capilano Honey and Vabasis Architects are just a few of our commercial clients, and we are always looking to establish new long-term relationships.

Consider Porfyri Photography for Your Commercial Project

Our local and international experience sets us apart as a leading photo studio Brisbane can offer. Our studio is located at 314 Ipswich Road, Annerley. To make a connection with our team, give us a call on (07) 3393 0066 or email

For more information, feel free to contact Andrew at Porfyri.