Real Life Folio

Sometimes, nothing can be more moving than photographs of people. From joy and laughter to raw emotions from energy, persistence and effort, beautifully-shot photographs of people can evoke a whole spectrum of emotions that other artforms never come close to.

Our team consists of skilled photographers when it comes to people photography. We provide the option of photographing people outside as we believe this captures our clients in their natural environment and creates an image that is more relatable – whether it is used for personal or commercial reasons.

Our aim is to create images of real people looking their best. Depending on the location of the shoot, the weather could be a factor for an outdoor shoot, or the lighting could differ in buildings and affect the quality of the image. Due to such factors, we are always flexible and have tricks and new ideas up our sleeve to make the location work best for you.

Porfyri’s photography service has been highly sought after by corporate professionals, restaurants and bars, hospitals, construction businesses and many more. We are a photographic studio that is also open to new ideas. If we haven’t mentioned a particular style of portrait photography, feel free to ask us.Contact us online or call 07 3393 0066 to discuss your photography requirements.

Porfyri Photography is a Brisbane-based photographer and photographic studio with a wealth of experience in commercial, wedding, editorial, food, corporate, products and people photography.