Portrait Photography

What is your story? At Porfyri Photography we offer a range of beautiful portrait photography sessions including family, newborn, baby, children and couple photography and more.

Experienced and award winning portrait photographer Andrew Porfyri is inspired to photograph families in a way that celebrates life. The Porfyri team believe there is nothing simpler than, nor as powerful as, a beautiful image of the people you love. As a result, they are dedicated to capturing memories and documenting the unique traits that make each person who they are.

To really capture someone’s personality in a photograph takes immense skill and impeccable timing. Andrew’s aim is to make clients feel at ease, like they are in their own home, which is a big part of producing a genuine honest image. Andrew understands how to make people relax and by  years of experience he can coax anyone to open up in front of the lens.

His portraits can be shot anywhere on location or in his boutique studio, his ability to shoot creatively in any situation guarantees an amazing image. To produce results, Andrew believes in stepping away from the everyday standard portraiture shots. Instead he adopts an innovative approach that takes into account his client’s needs to produce an image that is both technically perfect and artistic.

The Porfyri team believes that it is not just about the job but about creating lifetime relationships with clients and seeing them happy and satisfied. There have been so many clients who have simply regretted not coming in sooner – wishing their photo album of moments was started earlier. Every day the people you are closest to, change just that little bit so don’t put off photographing who you love as they are right now.

Andrew feels humbled that his clients trust him to capture their memories and document the unique traits that make each person who they are. Life just seems to fly by – a collection of events and moments. It is easy to forget that people change and grow so quickly so a photograph can become irreplaceable as it is a moment in time from your past. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing your memories hanging on your wall, reflecting back at you to remember.

Contact us today and book in your portrait photography session. We look forward to working with you and would love to discuss the type of portrait photographs you are interested in.