Baby Photography

Andrew Porfyri approaches baby photography just as he does any other project – with calm, professional maturity honed by years in the industry – but with a delicate point of difference lent by his experience as a father of three. He understands how important sensitivity and care are to such a precious shoot, and he offers his utmost passion every time.

No parent can ever anticipate just how quickly their newborn grows up. That’s why you’ll have heard at least one fellow parent say something like, “get some photos done before it’s too late!” And it’s wise to listen, because this is a time in your life you’ll cherish and want to look back for decades to come.

The first few weeks of your newborn’s life are undoubtedly some of the most memorable, emotional of yours. Capturing the huge burst of joy and optimism that new life brings is a wonderfully rewarding and joyful experience for every parent. And as our previous customers will tell you, it’s a precious and fleeting time you deserve to reflect on as much as you like.

Respectful, warm and unintrusive, Andrew has developed a practice of sitting back and letting you and your newborn interact naturally, waiting for the right moment to capture the magic. He imbues each shoot with his own unique style, and encourages parents to throw ideas and suggestions around in a fun, vibrant and happy atmosphere.

Once you finish your session, the real challenge begins: choosing from Andrew’s hundreds of snaps! It might be difficult to make your selection, but you’re guaranteed to come home with a selection of quality photographs you can treasure forever.

Contact us now to book your baby photography session with Porfyri Photography. Cherish the indescribable wonder of parenthood with the help of our friendly and creative services.