Dreamy days with dad, mum and daughter!

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Every family has different ways of remembering and celebrating the love they share. In this hectic and frantic world, sometimes the greatest gift is the gift of time together. Shamal, her husband Mehraan and baby girl Medya decided to spend their time having fun and flower-filled photos taken together. 

Not only did they get to spend quality time together, they were outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine and all they were required to do was to have fun!

We chatted to Shamal about her shoot:

Why did you decide to book a portrait shoot?
Since we had our baby, I have been wanting professional photos of my little family to keep as memories and also hang those memories on the walls around my house.

Has it been something you’ve wanted to do for a while or was it more spontaneous decision?
I have been wanting this even before our baby was born. A lot of time and research went into this.

Did you have ideas in mind when you came to the studio as to how you wanted the images to look?
Yes! I was very specific in what kind of images I was after. I did a lot of research on pinterest and sent an email with attachments of my favourite types of photos.

What advice do you have to other mothers/families who are trying to decide whether or not to have a portrait shoot?
Do your research. And put in the effort in you and your family’s presentation.

Your favourite photo from the shoot is?
I couldn’t pick just one as there was so many I loved.

Any funny moments while you were being photographed?
My husband and I were trying to pose for some romantic photos. But my daughter decided that she would not leave our side and was hanging onto my dress during those photos.

How did you find Andrew and choose him as your photographer?
I had seen wedding photos of people on my Facebook and really loved their photos so I contacted Andrew and Anna to see if they could photograph our little family.

How did you feel when you saw the final shots?
We absolutely love the photos. They are magical and capture the love in our family. Cannot stop looking at them.

Anything else you would like people to know?
These photos are lifetime memories and we will be able to show them to our kids and grandkids some day. So they are very precious to us. 

If you’re wanting to have some beautiful family photos, make 2016 the year. The most common thing we hear from our portrait clients is the regret they feel that they waited so long. Babies grow up so fast, and people grow old far too quickly. So celebrate your family today and then hang those memories around your home to enjoy every single day. 

Call Anna to have a chat to see if we’re the right portrait photographer for you on 07 3393 0066 or email the studio on porfyri@porfyri.com.au

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