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We know they say don’t work with animals or kids, but we STRONGLY disagree!

Our portrait shoot with the delightful and loving Bianchi family was so much fun! They came and visited us in the studio just before Christmas last year and it was such a fantastic way to end 2015!

We chatted to Christina Bianchi about her family’s portrait shoot and how she felt when she saw the final photos.

Why did you decide to get family portraits done?  We received a gift voucher from a family member who knew we would love to treasure the memories of our young children. Rocco and I had been wanting portraits done for a long time because we are always behind the camera taking pics of the kids and never in them together as a family

Was it hard to convince the rest of the family? Not at all – Rocco and I always wanted pics of the kids and the kids thought they were famous posing for the camera!

And more importantly, was it hard to organise and coordinate everyone? No – I did a little bit of running around trying to sort out outfits but on the day everything was seamless. Anna and Andrew made it a really easy process and were amazing with the kids.

How did you feel when you first saw the photos? Overwhelmed with emotion. I cried! They were just perfect in every way.

Do you have a favourite photos and why? I loved them all – I had a lot of difficulty choosing which ones I wanted to turn into prints. But I just adore the really natural photos of the kids laughing and playing around with us as they show their true personalities.

What have other family members said about the photos? They have loved them, looked at them over and over again and extended family want prints for their personal collection! We always get lots of compliments on the photos.

Any advice to other families thinking about getting some portraits done? Do it! Life is crazy with 2 toddlers and working full time so it often seems like such an effort to organise a time and follow through with it but I am so glad we did it. The kids are only young once and time is going so quickly. The photos have really captured their innocence, laughter and the love we have for each other.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your family’s special moments, get in touch, we love photographing mums, dads, kids, cousins, grandmas and grandpas, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and anyone else you love and who is part of your family.

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