Family Portrait – Maria + Kossi + The Boys

“Moments in Time”

Who: Maria, Kossi + boys – Dimitri, Nikola, Yianni.

What: Family Portrait

When: 10.8.13

Where: Porfyri Studio

Q: Describe the experience in 5 words?

Fun, Easy (which is so important when you have kids), Comfortable, Relaxed, Trusting.


Q: How did you find Porfyri Photography and why did you choose Andrew as your family photographer?

He actually photographed our wedding nine years ago and since then, I’ve asked him to shoot a portrait of each of my sons at the same age. Photos are so important and it will be so good for the boys to be able to look back at these images of themselves when they were young. I love his work and think his images are just so beautiful and natural-looking. He and Anna as a team are just great and so easy to be around.


Q: What was this portrait shoot like? Did you have fun?

We’ve done a few shoots now with Andrew and we love it. It’s always fun and the boys know what to expect now.


Q: Would you recommend it?

Yes, because I think photographs of your family are so important. Looking back on the shoots we did with the older boys, the photos still look just as good and haven’t dated at all. So timeless. And when they all get older, they can pass the albums onto their wives and kids and families.


Q: Do you have any tips or advice for other families who want a portrait shoot?

If the kids are young, make sure they’ve had enough sleep J And also, we tell them what we’re off to do so there aren’t any surprises for them to get upset about. Outfits are also important and I decided to keep them all in the same theme (white tops + denim bottoms) which I think looks simple and cool.


To book a portrait shoot with Andrew, simply call the studio on 3393 0066 or email

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