Giggles Between The Girls

Who: Nicola + Rob + family

When: March 2014

Where: Porfyri Studio

What: Family Portrait Shoot


Q: Describe the photoshoot experience in FIVE words?

Fun (Anna was waving toys around like a mad woman to keep our daughter laughing and under control)

Focused (Andrew was very focused despite the madness of our family around him)

Friendly (As this is our second time around, it was like getting photographed with old friends) Professional

Q: Why pick Andrew?
We were incredibly impressed with our photo shoot of our first daughter. We came back because we knew we were going to get amazing results with the shots of our second child.

Q: What were your expectations and did they change after the shoot?
My expectations were to get professional shots of our children that we wouldn’t be able to get on our own.  As usual Andrew exceeded our expectations.

Q: Funniest moment when being photographed was…?
Holding our older child in the same pose as our younger child (on top of dad’s hands).

Q: How important is capturing images of your baby at this age do you think?
Incredibly. These are the times that we are going to look back and say “it went so fast I wish I had taken more photos”. I feel a peace of mind we have captured this to the best of our ability with Andrew’s amazing photography.

Q: Any advice to new mothers?
Get your photos taken as early as possible. They grow so fast in the first few months, you will be surprised how much you forget how they looked when you first met them after birth.

Q: Did you do any special preparation for the shoot?
Snacks for our older daughter. My husband shaved this time, he didn’t the first time.

Q: Anything else we should know?
Despite the chaotic nature of the shoot with two children under two, the photos were amazing.  Andrew was very patient and focused, and Anna was fabulous in helping us to keep our 20 month old under control. She brought in toys and really planned it out to ensure that the shoot went well. After the photos are taken, Anna spends a lot of time pulling together the photos into a presentation with music and you get to go through them and select what you would like. I have yet to make it through these sessions without using the box of tissues. They are a fabulous ending to the experience, and they really help you to see how much excellent work that Andrew has done.




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