Kirsty & Scott brought their little girl Harriet in when she was just 7 days old. There is just nothing quite like the excitement of a newborn, they are so small, so fragile, so innocent yet so so beautiful. The brief for Andrew was simple Kirsty & Scott wanted some nice images that represented this special time in Harriett’s life. Andrew photographed while Kirsty and Scott tenderly held and adored their little girl. At Porfyri Photography every portrait shoot is special, we understand that we are capturing precious memories and even though there have been many portrait sittings  each one is unique and we just don’t know what might happen. Harriet certainly stole the show and got us all laughing when during her first professional photo shoot she did a ‘wee’ on dad Scott (look closely at the first image), who took it in good humour and his smile shows that his little girl can do no wrong!


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