Hearts overflowing

Jackie and Aaron and their beautiful kids Elijah and Ella-Rose came by our studio for a family photoshoot recently and even we were surprised by how powerful and emotional the images were.

We had a chat to Jackie about her experience and why her family is so precious to her.

Describe the experience in a sentence?
We would describe it as comfortable, easy and relaxed.

Why did you decide to come and have a photoshoot?
We had not had family photos for a very long time. In the past the children had not photographed well but they were older and it was time to capture us a family. I had just returned from Heartkids camp and was feeling emotional but blessed and grateful, which is why I asked my son to do the shots of just the two of us. For me those photos tell my/his story.

Was it difficult to organise? Do you have any advice for other parents to make it easier/less stressful?
It was so easy to organise. Anna and Andrew are so good at what they do. Advice for other parents would be go to Anna and Andrew as they worked well with the different personalities of my children.

Favourite moment of the shoot?
Watching my children cuddle, wrestle and giggle together in front of the camera.

What prep did you do?
Made sure the children were clean and had clean clothes.

Would you have done anything differently?
No, it was perfect.

Have you picked some of the images to hang in your home? Which were your favourites and why?
Picking the images to hang it our house was very difficult as there were so many. We have the beautiful family photo. Numerous images of the children posing individually and together. Elijah’s photos were serious like him and Ella-Rose’s were playful and confident like her.

How important is it to preserve memories via photos?
Photos capture moments in time that you can never get back. Memories will fade in time but photos can evoke emotions at a glance years later.

Any funny stories from the day?
All the crazy moments being silly to get the children to smile naturally.

Tell me about HeartKids QLD and why you are so passionate about helping this organisation?
My son was born with a congenital heart defect knows as Tetrology of Fallot. I fought for his life-saving surgery for three months (due to issues with the Qld health system). Finally, at 8 months old, Elijah had his life-saving open heart surgery. The first year of his life was difficult, most of it was spent in hospital. The not-for-profit organisation HeartKids Qld offered us endless support whilst in hospital to get us through those long days and nights. Eight years on they are still offering the whole family support through camps, Christmas parties and events where my son plays with his HeartKids friends. These events are the few times in a year where having a scar, being blue, puffed, tired or different is not an issue.

Anything else you’d like to share?
The photos taken of Elijah and myself bring tears to my eyes. Tears of pride, pain and strength. I am so grateful that Andrew was so calm and encouraging. He convinced my son to actually take his shirt off rather than have it opened. These photos are definitely prized possessions of mine. When I asked Elijah what he thought of the photos he said, “I’m glad I have the scar because it kept me alive, but when I see it there I’m embarrassed because I am different.” I’m a parent of a HeartKid, he is a HeartKid and that’s why HeartKids are so important to us.

If you would like to bring your family in for a studio photoshoot, simply call us at the studio on 07 3393 0066. We would love to be part of capturing your family’s memories. 

For more information on Heartkids QLD, we’ve popped a link here so you can go check it out for yourself. 


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