Laughter and Love

Sarah popped in for family portrait session and Andrew captured this sweet and funny moment between her and her mum.

Oh my, we loved it so much, we pulled Sarah aside to ask her about the relationship with her mum and what she has learnt from her. What we found out made us get all teary and want to call our own mum straightaway.

“I was only looking at the photo of Mum and I last night and thought how lovely it is that we can have that special memory. I am lucky in that I live next door to my mum and I also work with her. I’m aware that I am very fortunate to have this type of relationship with her. My father passed away when I was seven and mum has been on her own ever since. She has put all her efforts into bringing up both my older brother and myself. I am lucky to have her in my life, let alone have her with me every day.”

How are you different now that you are a mum yourself?
“I have learnt many things from being a mum but the biggest would be that you need to stop and smell the roses. If my childhood and situation has taught me anything, it’s that life is too short. As hectic as life gets at times, I always try to say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no, not now’. I love spending every spare moment with my kids. Their love is unconditional. They are so special and we need to remind them of that every single day. They have taught me more in the last eight years than I have learnt in my lifetime. They have so much to give; we just need to allow them the time to give it. I have also learnt that as a Mum I can say ‘because I said so’ and offer no explanation … one of the perks of the job!”

What have you learnt from your mother?
“The best advice that my mother has given me is to always be happy and be happy in what you’re doing. If you’re not happy in your day-to-day life, then you need to change it so that you can be. I also now know what she meant all those years ago when she said ‘when you’re a mother you’ll understand’. I get it now mum! And I just thought she was being overprotective.”

Funniest memories of your mum?
“Mum and I have so many funny stories that it would take me forever to write them down, your readers would get bored. Everyday at work we are laughing or playing pranks on each other. I think our staff get bored!”

Describe being a mum?
“Three words to describe being a mum – BEST JOB EVER! There are no words to describe the love I have for my children. It’s endless. It’s unconditional. It’s a mother’s love.”

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