Nose Kisses and Grandma Cuddles

Who: Sarah + Michael and their kids Eadie and Jack + grandma Sandra

When: 15.04.14

Where: Porfyri Studio

What: Family Portrait Photoshoot

Q: Describe the photoshoot experience in 5 words?

Fun, enjoyable, consultative, relaxed and the kids said ‘awesome’!

Q: Why pick Andrew? We were referred by a friend who had Andrew do their wedding. We liked the way Andrew captures the candid moments as well as the more serious shots. The website and blog was also very helpful.

Q: What were your expectations and did they change after the shoot? We wanted to get a series of natural, relaxed portraits of our family including my mum Sandra. We were overwhelmed with the result and couldn’t believe how Andrew and Anna had captured the kids’ expressions and the love we have in our family. The photos were very genuine and the feedback from our family and friends has been amazing. They all can’t believe how the kids’ shots have turned out and how Andrew has captured their ‘spirit’! They truly are beautiful.

Q: Funniest moment when being photographed was…? Watching the kids! They had us in stitches. Posing was no problem at all! The whole shoot was so relaxed and fun.

Q: How important is capturing images of your family do you think? It’s priceless! Of course you carry memories with you wherever you go but to have them captured so perfectly by someone else is amazing. It’s also important to get the whole family in these pictures, as often the one behind the camera misses out.

Q: Any advice to mothers? Capture as many special moments as you can as our babies grow up way too fast. Don’t even wait for special occasions. Keep the camera out. Take pictures of the little things that make you giggle. We would have well over 15,000 photos on our computer and we all just love looking back on all of them.

Q: Did you do any special preparation for the shoot? No preparation was made for the shoot as we wanted the kids to just be themselves. We all just wore what we normally would and it was very relaxed that way.

Q: What did your family think of the shoot? The kids are still talking about it. They said it was awesome and are asking when we can do it again.

Q: Who was the most relaxed behind the camera? And who was the most nervous? Eadie was definitely the most relaxed, Jack was the most nervous although I think Sandra (grandma) was a little nervous too…

Q: How are you going to choose the final images? It took a while but we managed to get it down to about 12 images for printing, however we took a package that gave us the CD so we can now look at all of them and enjoy every photo whenever we like. Anna was great too, she was very patient and gave us lots of guidance on the photos.

Q: What has been the best advice about love and/or life you’ve received? Enjoy every moment.

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