A family that laughs together, stays together!

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Maria Kambouris brought in her adorable and fun-loving family to the studio for a family portrait shoot and we all had such a great time!

Often we get comments about how relaxed and natural our photography is and, even more often, we get mothers commenting on how much they would love to have a session with their family.

So we chatted to Maria about why she finally decided to take the plunge and book a shoot with us.
Why did you decide to book a portrait shoot?

It was a gift for my mother in law.

Has it been something you’ve wanted to do for a while or was it a spontaneous decision?
My in-laws house is full of family portraits when her children were young, family weddings and grandchildren, and she has been wanting to do a family portrait session for a while.  You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face that day – watching all her grandkids and families have their photos taken.

Did you have ideas in mind when you came to the studio as to how you wanted the images to look?
My mother-in-law wanted very traditional shots, but as an individual family – Terry, I and the boys – wanted some fun shots to show their personalities.  We definitely saw that with these photos.

What advice do you have to other mothers/families who are trying to decide whether or not to have a portrait shoot?
It’s a must!!

Your favourite photo from the shoot is?

I honestly have too many favourites.  I love the ones with my boys mucking around on the wall.  I love the ones of my boys with their Dad, and kissing each other (lol).  I also love the one of all the cousins lifting Nicholas and taking selfies while they were being photographed.

Any funny moments while you were being photographed?

I loved how Anna could see that my husband Terry always found it hard to put that “on camera SMILE”, and she came out with the stuffed toy she uses for babies to lighten it up a bit, and made us all laugh.

How did you find Andrew and choose him as your photographer?
Andrew is very relaxed, and knows what looks good.  We have used him before, and were always happy with his shots.

How did you feel when you saw the final shots?
Loved them!  I want them all 🙂

If you’re sitting on the fence about getting a shoot done – call us on 07 3393 0066 to have a chat. We can shoot in the studio or on location and love celebrating family and connections.


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