George & Stefanie (Brisbane Wedding Photography)

We love the story of George and Stefanie’s engagement. Here it is in Stefanie’s words:

“Every time George and I would drive up or back from the Sunshine Coast I would make some comment about him taking me to Australia Zoo! It was a couple weeks before Christmas and George told me that as part of my present he is going to take me to the Zoo on Saturday. I was thinking yeah right, as if George is going to take me to the Zoo! But he was for real…and we went to the Zoo! After seeing every animal in the place, sometimes twice (because of George which I didn’t even think was weird at the time!)… we decided to head home. On the way home he gets a phone call from his “dad” and so George says we have to go past his office to send off an email quickly. So we go to his office.. I’m sitting in the car while George is in his “office” sending an “email”… finally we get home. We were supposed to be going to dinner with his sister and brother-in-law so I was rushing to get dressed as they were picking us up shortly! I get ready in record time and get out of the bathroom…but George is already dressed (quite nicely may I add) – and no shower?? I did think that was weird. He then decides we should have a drink before they pick us up… So we are standing on the front porch having a drink… and then he takes me inside and opens up the back blinds (this was all a ploy to wait for the sun to set mind you)! And there it is! All I see is a white marquee with fairy lights and rose petals and candles and drapes and cushions etc etc! I was absolutely speechless!! Our siblings had been busy working away all day.. .no wonder he took me to the zoo! So we had some time to ourselves and to eat one of my favourite foods – fresh seafood! And there was my favourite cake there too! Our parents and siblings then joined us in the ‘proposal tent’ for a few drinks. It was absolutely perfect and still gives me butterflies!”

This gives you a good idea of how much in love these two are! So much so that when it was pouring with rain on their wedding day we swear they didn’t even notice! Stefanie was absolutely stunning in her gown by Pallas Couture and George equally gorgeous in his suit by Tony Barlow. After a beautiful ceremony we moved on to the amazing interior of Cloudland for some photos (and a few cocktails!) followed by a fantastic reception at The Greek Club.

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