Pre-wedding Shoot – Jemma + Jonathon

“Love and Laughter”


Who: Jemma + Jonathon

What: Wedding Pre-shoot

When: August 31

Where: Porfyri Studio

Q: Describe the experience in 5 words?

Amazing, Easy, Reassuring, Impressive, Beautiful.


Q: How did you find Porfyri Photography and why did you choose Andrew as your wedding photographer?

As my partner is Greek and Andrew is really well known in the Greek community, he was recommended to us by a few people. We also had already heard of him and seen his amazing work.


Q: What was the pre-wedding shoot like? Did you have fun?

We had never had a photoshoot before and had no idea what to expect but it was so easy and so much fun. Andrew just knows what he’s doing and everything felt so natural. He knows what he wants but also listened to what we thought and then directed us on what to do and how to stand. Which was great because we didn’t have a clue. But he did also let us be creative and spontaneous too which was perfect.


Q: Would you recommend it?

Yes completely as it totally reassured us that the photos for our wedding were going to be amazing and reminded us how good Andrew is at what he does. He just walked in and turned into a different person, he just went up a level when he got behind the camera.


Q: Are you getting married soon?

Oh my goodness, it’s so close. We’re getting married this weekend. I can’t believe it.


Q: Do you have any tips or advice for about-to-be brides?

Don’t leave everything to the last week and then you make yourself stressed when you didn’t have to be. Ask for help. My bridesmaid is up from Adelaide and I’ve been dragging her round all day helping me. I’m sure she loves me right now.


To book your pre-wedding shoot with Andrew, simply call the studio on 3393 0066 or email

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