5 Minutes with… a Bride-To-Be

5 Minutes with… a Bride-To-Be

Rachel is about to marry her soul mate George. In these final weeks before her big day, Rachel is calm and excited at the same time. We had a little chat to her about what a bride-to-be is thinking in the week before her wedding.

Q: How are you feeling in general about your special day?

Excited and calm at the same time, it’s so strange. It’s all gone so fast, from the proposal to the engagement and the lead up to the wedding and now it’s only a week away. I’m actually feeling a little sad too that all the preparation has come to an end, it all feels surreal.

Q: Not many brides we talk to say they are feeling “calm”. What’s your secret? Can you share some tips for other brides?

The biggest thing is to let your family and friends help you – they are just as excited about it as you are. My mum especially has been a key player, always helping and offering advice and giving me a hand with anything and everything. I’ve been so chilled out about everything because of that and I decided early on that I would get everything done as early as possible so I could spend the last couple of weeks just enjoying myself and being in the moment.

Q: How was the pre-wedding shoot with Andrew?

It was great, we loved the shots. The biggest thing is to relax and I’ll be remembering that on my wedding day. I tend to pull stupid faces but Andew helped us both relax and be ourselves. Which meant we had lots of amazing pictures to choose from (which also meant it took ages to pick the final ones).

Q: Why did you choose him as your photograher?

We knew from the start we would use Andrew, there was never another option. Both of us knew him from family and we loved his style and his images. When I dragged George along to the shoot, we were both nervous and I thought it might be embarrassing. But Andrew made it so much fun, we felt comfortable and it has made us even more excited about our wedding.

Q: Best advice you’ve been given about love and relationships?

I know it is a cliche and everyone tells you the same things but it’s because they are true. The one I always remember is “don’t go to bed angry”, if you have a fight, always work it out.


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