A Day Of Love + The Importance Of Time


Megan and Yanni are soulmates, clearly meant to be together and the good-looking couple were looking forward to their special day with open hearts and lots of excitement.

Megan shared all about her experiences from the day and how even though it was unforgettable – there were some moments of sadness amongst the joy.

Give me three words to describe how you were feeling leading up to your wedding day? I had bitter sweet feelings leading up to the day – I was excited to marry the love of my life but sad that his father could not be with us.

What did you do to prepare? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? I prepared myself both physically and mentally by exercising and eating healthy. This combination made a significant difference to how I felt emotionally, as it allowed me to clear my mind. I also spent time with both family and friends which helped me prepare for the big day!

Tips/advice to other brides? I know it may seem hard, but don’t stress over the little things. All you really want on your wedding day is for your closest family and friends to be healthy and present, celebrating this beautiful moment with you. If you have that, everything else will just fall into place. Don’t place too much time and effort making decisions – there are so many decisions to make in this process, that it all can be a little overwhelming. Trust your instincts and just make a decision.

What were you most looking forward to? Yanni’s face as I walked down the aisle. To be honest, on the day, I hardly noticed the way he looked at me much and it wasn’t until I saw Andrew’s photos, that I could really re-live the moment, and smile at the way he looked at me. A picture really does say a million words.

Was there any special traditions you included in your day? I wanted to share the night before the wedding with my bridesmaids – my sister and two best friends. They were so supportive through everything and always brought out the calm side of me. It was definitely what I needed before the big day!

What do you love most about your man? And when did you know he was your one? Yanni and I had a few interesting first encounters – you couldn’t really say we hit it off straight away! We challenged each other, and that’s what brought us together. I love his determination and passion – he knows exactly what he wants and he fights for it. I also love his family values that are present in his everyday life, instilled in him by his parents.

Most of all, I adore the way he supports and unconditionally loves me for who I am. We have grown up together and although there have been some challenging times, we have had so many memorable and unforgettable moments, and best of all, we have shared them together. I knew he was the one when I began to realise all these beautiful traits he had.

Best advice about love/ marriage you’ve received? Never take for granted what you have and never get lazy with love.

What does marriage mean to you? Marriage is about a commitment to grow together and a willingness to continually invest in creating something that can endure eternity.

If you want to share about how you celebrated Yanni’s dad being part of the day even though he wasn’t there – I would love to hear about that. And also what you have realised about love and family after going through something like this just before your wedding. Although it seemed unnatural to be celebrating our wedding without Yanni’s father, it was his wish for the wedding to go ahead as planned. His presence was felt by all, and the atmosphere of the room was filled with both highs and lows but we knew he was looking over us, making sure we had the best day. He played such a huge part in the preparations leading up to the day, and none of it would have been possible without his love and support. He shaped the amazing man I married and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Throughout this all, I’ve learnt the value of time and how precious it is – also how important family is and having that support system. Make the most of the moments you have with your loved ones because you never know what the future holds.

In light of this, how important are memories and being able to preserve them through photos? Memories are with you forever, whether they are memories of how that person use to hold you or speak to you. These are the real memories that can never be taken away or forgotten. However, memories can also be preserved through photos. And this is what Andrew did on our wedding day – he captured the highs and the lows of the day and gave us memories we will never forgot.

What do you think of your wedding photos? The wedding photos captured the entire day so beautifully. It’s amazing to look at the photos and see how much effort Andrew went to get the right shot. I swear I don’t even remember seeing him moving around everywhere!

Can you pick a favourite? My favourite is the one of Yanni kissing my nose in the forest – it so perfectly captures our love and makes me smile because that is just us, and how he is with me.

Three words to sum up your day? Beautiful, unforgettable and bitter sweet.

If you would like Andrew to capture all the special moments on your wedding day, call Anna at the studio on 3393 0066 or email porfyri@porfyri.com.au



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