A Perfect Love

Belinda and David were married surrounded by their friends and family, and their smiles said it all. The day was filled with laughter and happy tears and beautiful moments and we were lucky enough to be there to capture all of them.

We chatted to both the bride and groom to find out what they thought of the day and their photos.

Describe your day in one sentence?

Belinda: Everything I had dreamed of and more.

David: The best day of my life – it was fun, stressful and emotional all round into one.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

B: There were so many special moments during the Church ceremony. Seeing Dave at the end of the aisle was definitely a highlight! I was so excited to see him and finally become his wife. I loved arriving to the Church and seeing all of my beautiful students from my class waving and running out to see me (I almost felt like a pop star! Haha). It also meant a lot to have my Mum walk down the aisle with me- I love her so much.

D: Seeing Belinda walk through the large doors at St Stephen about to begin her walk down the aisle.  She looked incredible!

The first thing you thought when you woke up was?

B: I don’t know that I even slept haha! I have never had that much adrenaline running through my body. I was so incredibly excited to meet Dave at the end of the aisle and marry the love of my life.

D: That the weather was fine and sunny.  The day before there had been a massive amount of rain in Brisbane so I was very happy when I work up at 3am (due to nerves / excitement) and saw stars in the sky.

The most surprising part was? 

B: I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the weather was. The week leading up to the big day had been extremely wet. The day before had torrential rain with flash flooding in parts of Brisbane City. When I opened the curtains Saturday morning the sun was glistening and it was as though the world was sparkling for the big day!

D: How quick the day went.  It’s probably a common response but I was found the day just flew.  In the end we didn’t want to leave and finish the night so we stayed out with friends for another drink after the reception had finished!

Would you change anything about the day?

B: Not a thing.

D: I personally would have tried to delegate more tasks to different people through out the day.  I found that I tried to take on a bit and sometimes it made me quite stressed.

Advice to other brides-to-be and grooms-to-be? 

B: Make sure that on the day you are ‘present in the moment’. It goes so quickly and before you know it all the planning you’ve both done is over. Have fun, don’t stress and soak up everything that is in front of you. Everyone is there to celebrate the both of you and the love you share- enjoy it!

D: Try and take five or ten mins during the day/ at the reception to talk to each other one on one and just soak it all in.  The day is over before you know it so make the most of it.

Was it everything you imagined it would be?

B: It was everything I imagined and more. You couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.

D: It was a fantastic day.  Belinda in particular had put in so much time and effort into the day and everyone we spoke to was having a great time so we were just so happy that it all went well.

What were you feeling when you walked down the aisle? And David, what were you feeling when you saw her?

B: Nerves, but mainly excitement. I felt an overwhelming sense of love watching Dave in front of me and passing all of our friends and family who were there to share our big day.

D: I thought I was going to be ok but I became quite emotional! The bridesmaids and Belinda just looked stunning and I really had to hold it all in as best as I could.  Robin (photographer) still managed to get a few shots of me with tears in my eyes however!

Belinda –  can you tell us about the dress?  

B: I had been shopping for a dress with my Mum but just couldn’t find ‘the one’. I had seen a couple of Darb dresses whilst googling online and once I had these dresses in my head it was hard to get rid of them. I went with my Mum to see Brad Webb and the first dress I saw and tried on was the one. It was named ‘Belinda’ just like me and it was everything I was hoping for. It was a sweetheart strapless neckline encrusted with Swarovski crystals throughout the bodice with a traditional free flowing skirt made of silk organza.

What do you think about the photographs that Robin took? Did they capture the day? 

B: Absolutely. Robin did a fantastic job. The photos were perfect! In fact there are so many great photos that it is hard to narrow them down to my favourites. Even though she was our only photographer I don’t think she missed a single moment from the day. As I flick through the pictures to show family and friends it is like watching the day all over again as a film.

D: Robin did a fantastic job on the day.  There are so many great shots and she worked so hard to ensure that we got all types of different shots at the locations.  She is a very good photographer and I would highly recommend her. She even took a few photos of our wedding car as she was driving behind us to the reception, now that is commitment!!

Do you have a favourite and why?

B: There are two that I adore. One is of Dave and I at the Powerhouse and Dave is watching me from a distance as I am lifting my dress ever so slightly. The other is one of my Mum and I holding hands through the car door just before I hoped out to enter the Church.

D: I have a few favourites.  I really like a couple of the shots where there is a full length photo of Belinda and I am standing to the side or in the background and she is the main focus.  She looked so beautiful in that dress.  Another favourite is the group photo on the stairs of St Stephens – everyone is cheering and our Mum’s in particular look so happy.

Can you tell us about your love story. How did you meet? When did you know you were soul mates?

B: We met out with friends one night. We were both young and I don’t think we realised what fate had in store for us. I remember telling him a couple months into our relationship that I thought he was perfect, and I still think he is to this day.

D: Our ‘love story’ is a fairly common story – it’s not very romantic at all! Haha. I was out with friends in the valley one night and I was walking up the mall and I saw a few other friends with a group of girls sitting at RG’s. I initially stopped to say hello to them but I did notice one girl (Belinda) and I thought she was quite attractive so I decided to stay and have a few drinks with them.  After a little bit we got talking and eventually exchanged phone numbers when the night was over and then started to text each other a few days later and now the rest is history! When you can’t think of how your life would be without someone, I believe that’s a pretty good indication that you are soul mates.

How do you complement each other? Are you similar or very different? 

B: It’s funny because I believe we are very similar but also completely different. Dave is the calm, kind and reassuring one who keeps me balanced in my times of stress and madness that life can bring. On the other hand we have similar likes and interests and often are thinking the same thing at the exact same time. He definitely completes me and I feel happier when he is around.

D: I would say that we have similar interests but are also quite different at the same time. Belinda and I love to go out and try different places to eat, spending time with family and friends and cheering on our favourite sports team (Brisbane Broncos).  Belinda is very caring and understanding particularly with younger kids as she is a prep teacher, I do not share this same trait! Maybe it might change one day haha.

Best advice about love you’ve ever received and from whom?

B: At our marriage course before the wedding, one of the leaders spoke about the ‘highs and lows’ of marriage. It happens in every relationship. Choose to love each other even in those moments where it is hard to like each other. Love is a lifelong commitment that you will be there to support and encourage one another in both the highs and lows. We are a team and need to remind each other of this consistently by showing our love in small ways.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

B: I just wanted to say how wonderful Anna and Andrew have been throughout the whole experience. Even though Robin was our photographer for the day, Anna made sure we were okay leading up to the day and making sure we knew she was available if we needed anything. It has always been a treat visiting them in their studio and they are such beautiful and kind people. It doesn’t surprise me how much their clients rave about them – they offer such a personal experience. 


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