Angelina & Pat {Wedding Photography Brisbane}

Angelina met Pat on a trip to Melbourne and tells us sparks flew early, and it wasn’t long before they realised they were meant to be. After a romantic proposal on Sydney Harbour(half way between their two home towns) they started planning for their gorgeous wedding day. Andrew has photographed the weddings of two of Angelina’s siblings and there was always much joking about when we would photograph Angelina’s wedding! When we got the call, we were so excited! It’s so lovely to be a part of such a big occasion for a family we now know so well. Angelina and Pat have started their new life together in Melbourne, so it was important to them to have their wedding in Brisbane, surrounded by close friends and family – including many who had travelled from Melbourne for the big day. We had a wonderful time photographing their wedding and were so happy to hear from Angelina how they loved their photos:

“As most couples often tell you, the day flashes past so quickly, and is over before you know it . We love the way Andrew is able to turn a simple street scape in New Farm and concrete walls and a bit of long grass at the Powerhouse into a stunning series of photos that captured our special day in an amazingly creative and unique way.”

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