ADAM & BELINDA {Wedding Photography Brisbane}

Adam & Belinda are a match made in heaven. Mutual friend Catherine played cupid inviting her two close friends Belle & Adam to her housewarming. Belinda a Sex and the City devotee related well to character Charlotte and had been for a long time looking for her Harry. Harry oops I mean Adam on the other hand had been looking for his dream girl in all the wrong places he says. He knew what he didn’t want in his girl, but wasn’t quite sure what he was looking for… Until the night of the housewarming party where he spotted a gorgeous lady with long dark hair and a short white dress. In Adam’s words “His favourite dress, well next to no dress at all.” Belle quickly spotted a man on the lounge all she could see was his back and he was wearing a hat. “Could this be my Harry?” “Shut-up” she said to herself “Stop trying to match yourself with every bloke who might be Harry.” It was towards the end of the party a hello was exchanged between these two perfect strangers, Belle remembers the gentlest squeeze of her hand as Adam introduced himself. The very next day Catherine and Belinda got together to search for Adam on Facebook. It was here she realized he was bald! “Just like my Harry!” Adam also smitten asked Catherine about Belinda, “What’s she like?” Catherine said “Well I know she wants to get married” and his response was “Well give me her number!”

The rest is history… Fast forward 4 years to Saturday the first day of spring, where we found ourselves at New Farm Park watching this gorgeous couple exchanging their precious wedding vows. It was an intimate ceremony amongst closest friends and family and it was obvious to all the waiting and searching was worth it!


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