Doing it their own way

Tiffany and Michael are a couple that are head-over-heels in love and we were there on their wedding day to capture it all. She wore a peony pink-coloured gown and he shed tears as she walked up the aisle.

We chatted to Tiffany about her special day and asked her all about that dress, the best love advice she’s ever received and her favourite moment of the day.




Describe your day in one sentence.

Beautiful, magical and filled with love.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

It’s so hard to just pick one day, every component of the day has this special little part. I think my favourite part was when Michael and I took photos in this little grassy area near the Gallery of Modern Art. It was just really special, the photos were completely natural and we just had a little moment.

The first thing you thought when you woke up was?

Well, I squealed with one of my bridesmaids Rochelle for a long time. Then my honest thought was ‘I can’t wait to wear my dress and eat my cake’.

The most surprising part was? 

How comfortable the whole day felt. Pure happiness surrounded us and just poured out of everyone for the whole day.

Would you change anything about the day?

Even with being the perfectionist that I am, there was nothing about the day that I would change. Everything was exactly how I imagined it.

Advice to other brides-to-be? 

Don’t settle for less then you want. Make sure you put your husband and your own happiness first in the planning process to make sure that when the day comes, you look forward to every part and every detail.

OH! And if you are going to splurge on anything – make sure its the photographer! A photographer is the person that will capture all of your happy moments, you get what you pay for so make sure you love their work and don’t just go for a bargain.

Was it everything you imagined it would be?

I honestly think it was more. You plan for months and months but when it comes to the day and you see the man you love and all your efforts come into play, it really is overwhelming.

What were you feeling when you walked down the aisle?

‘Didn’t I pick well’. My husband looked so handsome waiting there and I just wanted to run to him.

Tell us about the dress? What inspired you to pick the peach?

The designer colour is actually peony so it’s more of a pink then a peach. When I first was looking at dresses, I knew I wanted it to be huge. I wanted the full Cinderella effect. The more I looked around (and as much as I just adore the white), it just wasn’t the colour that I felt most beautiful in. I knew I wanted the dress I picked months before I ordered it and even tried it on in white. I wanted to go with a colour that would suit my skin tone and just all round stood out. I didn’t want to be your typical white dress bride.

What do you think about the photographs that Andrew took? Did they capture the day? 

I could not love the photographs that Andrew took any more than I do. They are honestly everything I could have hoped for. Every photo he’s taken, I can remember the exact feeling I had and what more can you want then that?

Do you have a favourite and why?

I have so many favourites, it’s so hard to choose. There is this one after the reception when Michael and I are in the back of the car heading to photos where Michael has the biggest smile and I am looking at him. I adore it!

Everyone said you two were just the happiest couple – tell us about your love story. How did you meet? When did you know he was your one? 

We lived in a small mining town where everyone sort of knows everyone and eventually just met through friends and stayed friends for a long time. We became closer and closer and then we just sort of realised we loved each other’s company. I knew he was my one when he could handle my crazy.

How do you complement each other? Are you similar or very different?

We are very different in a lot of things and that’s how we compliment each other. I really lack patience and can be explosive and Michael is so calm and collected. I like to take charge and really organise everything and Mick is happy to help.

Best advice about love you’ve ever received and from whom?

The best love advice I have gotten would have to be from my grandmother. Don’t stop trying for your husband. Trying to make him fall more in love with you, trying to be sexy for him and be interesting.



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