Engagement – Katrina & Jorge

“From a Watch to a Ring”

Who: Katrina + Jorge

What: Engagement shoot

When:  8.09.13

Where: On location – West End

Q: How did you meet?

At a mutual friend’s 18th Birthday Party. We were totally unaware that this would be the night that we would find our soul mate. Immediately we became good friends, but it took a year before Jorge finally asked me out on a date. Jorge presented me with a beautiful watch that  I’d been eyeing off and said “It’s about time I asked you to be my girlfriend.”

Q: What have your lives been like so far as partners-in-crime?

We both embarked on the beginning of our journey by studying degrees in Education (Katrina) and Construction (Jorge). We have successfully graduated, and since then, have been working in our desired professions. This was not only an important time, but a very exciting time too! We were there to watch one another grow into responsible, young adults and our love for each other grew more and more each day. While continuing to work hard, we never let our social life fall behind! We love being surrounded by family and friends, and both feel blessed knowing that our love for one another has combined families.

Q: Do you like to travel together?

We have a serious case of the travel bug. We have been overseas four times in total and between us have explored 11 countries. By this time we are 100% comfortable with one another and madly in love and wild at heart…

Q: Tell us about the proposal.

Finally, unbeknownst to me, Jorge decided it was the perfect time to propose. In typical Jorge style, it was as spontaneous as it could possibly be! We went out on a date for our anniversary – six years and nine months to be exact. Jorge bought tickets to see the show ‘Empire’ at King George Square. Funnily enough I mentioned to my parents earlier that evening “I can’t believe my clown is taking me to see a circus.” In pure Katrina fashion, I believe you should never go home without a good coffee and chocolate dessert. So, much to Jorge’s dismay, we went to Southbank. On the way home, Jorge told me that he would walk me to the door. I was so surprised that he even thought to do such a thing as the last time he did that was when we first started dating! As soon as Jorge turned off the car, he flew out of the car. I got out and attempted a dramatic twirl around. But, before I could complete the turn, Jorge was down on one knee and he opened up a Canturi box and said “I assume it is a YES!” In typical unassuming style, this special moment together was shared on the footpath outside my house.

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