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Leia and Theodore are getting married in less than five weeks and just came in for their pre-wedding photoshoot. They are obviously so in love and it was an adorable shoot – we loved getting to know them and seeing them together from behind the lens.
We chatted to Leia about her upcoming wedding and what she is most excited about…

How did you two meet? Theodore and I met over Facebook (haha) but we had met prior to that because our dads use to work together back in the day.

Can you share about the proposal? Sure! Theodore took me away for two nights down the coast over River Fire weekend. He took me to dinner and while we were enjoying our beautiful meals, he had the reception staff decorate the room with rose petals and candles and soon enough we went back upstairs and he asked me marry him.

You’re getting married soon, how are you feeling – nervous/excited/calm Yes, OMG getting married in only five weeks! I am feeling a little bit nervous and anxious but I am very excited to marry my best friend and have a family.

What has the wedding prep been like? I’ve had over a year to get the wedding plans organised and it is stressful but at the same time it’s been exciting.

Any advice for brides-to-be who are planning their wedding? Just relax – as hard as that is – and just make sure you enjoy the lead up to the wedding. It does come very fast, so just enjoy every minute of the planning and each other. Don’t stress out too much because fighting can occur. Plus. make sure you want the wedding the way you want it but still make it affordable.

What are you most looking forward to on the day? I’m looking forward to everything on the wedding day. Nothing better than saying ‘I do’ with your soul mate and celebrating it all with your friends and family.

What was the pre-wedding shoot like? Do you think these are a good idea for couples?
The photo shoot was a little awkward (haha) but we both enjoyed the moment and had some fun with it 🙂 And I think the pre photo shoot is a good ideal for couples and to also get to know your photographer and to make things easier on the big day.

Q: Anything else we should know? Bring on the honeymoon (Maldives)

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