From First Date To Wedding Day


Eleni and Gregory are getting married tomorrow. Here is a sneak peak at their pre-wedding shoot they did with Andrew at the same location where they had their first date. When we saw the photos, we knew we had to ask Eleni all about her pre-wedding prep and what she is most looking forward to.


Three words to describe how you’re feeling leading up to your wedding day? Excited and nervous, but fulfilled.

What are you doing to prepare? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? I attend Bootcamp at Kangaroo Point with a few of my friends several times a week. This has helped me to stay calm and focused, as well as enjoy the preparations leading up to the big day. I am surrounded by many special women who have all helped to keep me grounded and mentally sane. I have also been reading a beautiful book which my uncle presented to Gregory, my fiance, and I,  which has been lifting us spiritually and emotionally.

Tips/ advice to other brides? Enjoy the lead up time and make the most of the day. I now realise it will be over far too quickly. Don’t stress too much, everything falls into place sooner or later (I need to take my own advice).

 What are you most looking forward to? The ‘THIS IS IT!’ feeling! I can’t wait to see my future husband’s reaction as I walk down the aisle to meet him! My fiance and I are crazy about Greek dancing, so of course, I can’t wait to dance the night away with our family and friends. I am also looking forward to my first overseas holiday to Europe which I get to experience with my husband shortly after our wedding!

Are there any special traditions you are including in your day? I am expecting an overwhelming number of family at home as I prepare to leave the house for the last time as single woman. My grandparents and parents will bless me on my way through a Greek tradition known as ‘Thymiato’ which involves burning incense over me three times in the Sign of the Cross, in a similar way to the priest’s blessing of the congregation in the Church.

Any crazy bridezilla moments you can share? Oh yes! I always look to my Mum for reassurance when it comes to decision-making, however, every so often, we don’t see eye to eye. All things said, when it came to crunch time, decisions were FINALLY made and we are both really happy with the end results and so excited to see it all on the day!

And what do you love most about your man? My fiancé Gregory, likes people to think he is a ‘Tough Guy’, but I have known for a long time that it’s all show. My family have come to love him the way I do for his charming ways. He never ceases to surprise me with his gentleness and sensitivity. Traditions are important to him, as they are to me. He has taken a real liking to making decisions together during our wedding planning and I just know that this is what I have to look forward to in our journey together as husband and wife.

Best advice about love/ marriage you’ve received? An 8-year-old boy in my Year 3 class at school advised me: “Never kiss your husband with bad breaf.”

What does marriage mean to you? Marriage is two uniting to become one with some sacrifices along the way. I am looking forward to building a life  together, with God at the centre.

We are so excited to be photographing Eleni and Gregory’s special day. Stay tuned for the wedding photos. If you are looking for a pre-wedding photoshoot like this, simply call the studio on 3393 0066 or email



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