Gena & Dimitri

Gena and Dimitri had a wonderful wedding day. Gena is so full of life and has a personality that really draws you in. She is very close with both her parents as well as her sister and her younger brother. It was touching to see how extremely close they all were and happy to see her getting married. Gena’s wonderful grandparents were also on hand to help her get ready as well as her great-grandmother who looked very elegant in her furs. They say that opposites attract and it seems to be the case with Gena and Dimitri! Dimitri is quietly spoken however he has a wicked sense of humour as we discovered during his speech in which he thanked Gena’s parents for the gift of their daughter – a gift he was looking forward to unwrapping that night! He had the guests in hysterics (although Gena’s father was perhaps a little shocked!) and was certainly the man of the moment.


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