Jamie & Shoni{Wedding Photography Brisbane}

 Jamie and Shoni are a gorgeous couple and a perfect example of true young love. Their happiness is infectious and we loved the feeling of freedom they share, and their excitement about their future together. They were so relaxed and enjoyed their wedding day at the beautiful Indooroopilly Golf Club. Shoni describes her highlight as being “…walking down the aisle and seeing Jamie’s face, as well as noticing that all the clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining! Walking up a huge hill in heels and a big dress and in the long grass with bugs getting stuck in my dress. Everything about the whole day was perfect and wonderful. It was the best day of my life.” It was a great day for us also, we loved being a special part of their wedding, for Shoni particularly her wedding photos were a priority and something she knew she would always treasure.  Shoni is a completely beautiful, kind  and spirited person, and Andrew loved having the opportunity to photograph her and her new husband amongst the vast and picturesque landscapes of their wedding venue Indooroopilly Golf Club. Shoni has put in a special request for Andrew … to photograph the “trashing of the dress” and Andrew cant wait!!!

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