Lauren + Tim Wedding

“Love Conquers All”

Who: Lauren + Tim

What: Wedding

When: 31.03.2013

Where: St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Red Hill + Victoria Park Golf Course


Love really does conquer all. This couple experienced a rollercoaster ride in the lead up to their special day. In the end though, there was only laughter, love and miracles (wait until you hear their story).
Q: Describe the experience with Andrew and Porfyri Photography in 5 words?

Professional, Exciting, Personal, Talented, Relaxing.

Q: Why did you choose Andrew when there are so many options?

I was reading all these Bridal magazines and his photos just stood out from the rest. I loved how he used soft tones and captured moments, it was all very candid and not posed. Plus some of his shots featured Darb wedding dresses and since I was going to be wearing a Darb dress – it seemed like a good fit. When we met Anna and Andrew though is when I knew. Straightaway I decided they were the ones for us and I didn’t even meet with any other photographers. They just felt like family.  

Q: Speaking of family – tell us about the rollercoaster ride you both went on before the wedding?

My husband Tim’s mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour a couple of months before the wedding and had to have a serious operation three weeks before the wedding day. So she was in intensive care as we’re doing all the final preparations and the doctors told us to not expect her to be able to attend. But Tim’s mum was so determined to be at her first son’s wedding and she was not going to miss it. At this stage she had lost the ability to speak, walk and do much for herself but she kept fighting on. In the end, not only did she attend the entire wedding and reception but she was walking and talking. She did it all herself and she proved everyone wrong. So it was a strange time – we were so excited for our wedding and at the same time, so sad about Tim’s mum being sick. And it also brought everyone so much closer. As Tim’s mum had lost her hair, we organised a wig, new outfit and shoes for her so she would feel good. Then Andrew captured these timeless special moments between Tim and his mum on the day that are just so beautiful.

Q: What are some of your top tips for brides? You had so much happening before your big day yet you stayed calm and got everything done. How?

You have to make sure you are super organised and delegate delegate delegate. Hand over some of the jobs to people you trust – you can’t do it all. And a hot tip for the actual day – try to step away from everything with your partner and just have a moment appreciating everything. We walked away and looked back at everyone dancing and talking and laughing and just stopped and was in the moment.

Q: What’s the best advice about love and relationships you’ve received?

Just remember to treat them as your best friend and support them in everything they do. You need to support each other 100% and work as a team. If you’re best mates, everything is possible.

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