Love is an island

These two beautiful people simply floated through their day, and Romina and Tim had a picture perfect wedding day. With only their family and their closest friends with them, their magical day was under blue skies and surrounded by blue water, and it was like a page out of a fairytale.

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We chatted to the couple about their wedding and what they loved the most.

What was your favourite moment from the day? Rom: Probably spotting Tim from the balcony while I was getting ready, he was lounging on a hammock between two palm trees, by the ocean; it reminded me of his free spirited, romantic nature and this idea that we came together in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Tim: Arriving at Sunset Cove – the reception venue, neither of us had seen it until the wedding day so we were both blown away at how beautiful it was (that and the bride 😉

The first thing you thought when you woke up was? Rom: I couldn’t believe I had a solid nine hours of uninterrupted sleep, I felt so rested (so much so the makeup lady was already knocking on my door)!

Tim: Today’s a good day to be married – no clouds, prefect sky, I’m going to walk by the ocean and take it in, while Rom does her thing.

The most surprising part was? Rom: How smoothly it all went. We woke up to perfect weather, the food was great, the chapel was gorgeous and the reception sunset blew me away.

Tim: When Rom pulled out the indian outfits to change at the reception, her and vid planned the whole thing, my whole family were in traditional indian wear and then so were we.

Would you change anything about the day? Rom: I would have eaten more because by the time we got to the reception I was starving.

Tim: I would have had more water, because it was really hot and I was sweating in the chapel (although that may not have just been from the heat).

Advice to other brides-to-be and grooms-to-be? Eat and drink water!

Was it everything you imagined it would be? Yes everything and more, I could not imagine it being more perfect I think it was the fact we only had guests we truly loved there, in that perfect place. Only close family and those friends we consider family meant it really was intimate.

What were you thinking when you walked down the aisle? Rom: Don’t fall, I remember getting to the doors of the chapel and realising how long my train and the sheer immensity of my dress I was and wondering how I was going to make it, so I held on to my dad, breathed and just took one step at a time.

Tim: I was very happy, happy we were about to get married. Also I was blown away as she looked very beautiful.

Tell us about the dress? Rom: I fell in love with it the second I saw it, I dragged my cousin my sister and my mum around and tried on a million dresses and they all looked nice. But when I saw this one, my sister and I both said “it’s the one”! It was way over my budget but my mum (who eloped and never got the chance to have the big white dress) she said to me “I want you to have the one your heart desires”, so we splurged and got the Steven Khalil dress. Once we got the Spanish veil we were all convinced.  I knew I got it right when mum started crying when she came into the room while I was getting ready! (that and Tim’s face when I came down the aisle).

What do you think about the photographs that Andrew took? Did they capture the day? Yes, we both agreed that he captured things we had both missed. It went so fast and it was great to go back and see the others getting to the island getting ready and waiting at the church. He captured it all and more!

Why did you pick Andrew as your wedding photographer? Rom: I picked him because I love his shots, they’re not cheesy or typical, and they’re not just about the bride. They’re about the moment, the scenery, the feeling and the whole day. He manages to capture all that in his photos.

Do you have a favourite and why? Rom: The one with mum holding my veil, i don’t know why but I love the red colour of her dress, the Spanish lace, the veil, the ay she looks, I just love it.

Tim: The photo of both of us looking at the camera underneath the jetty, Rom’s not smiling but she looks like a model and I’m holding her veil (i’m not sure why?).

Tell us about your love story. How did you meet? When did you know you were soulmates? Tim: We met through mutual friends, years ago, then we ended up working for the same company. It took a while but I wore her down in the end.

Rom: I knew when we went to the art gallery after work one day, it wasn’t even a date, I walked up to the next floor and looked down at him on the floor beneath. He looked up at me with those green eyes and I smiled, I guess I knew then.

What makes you a great couple? We believe in happiness, in trying everyday and always being kind, I think we are similar where it counts, but that we keep each other in line.

Best advice about love you’ve ever received and from whom? My dad is always giving us advice, but I don’t think it’s his words but attitude, be happy in all that you do, and if it’s love it will make you happy and it does, everyday!

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