Love lifts us up – Jorge And Katrina

Jorge and Katrina are so ready to get married and we are so ready to photograph their big day. We love talking to our brides (and this time also our groom) about how they feel leading up to the day.

For this beautiful couple, the love was also coupled with sadness as Jorge’s beloved grandma passed before the actaul wedding and they both share about how this made them feel.


Give me three words to describe how you are feeling leading up to your wedding day? 

Happiest girl alive!

 What did you do to prepare? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

 Exercise and eat healthily … Without forgetting to add a spoonful of Nutella at some point during the day. Write a list of things to do and focus your time and energy on ticking them off the list. Organise a skin preparation regime with your beauty therapist! This was the best treat to ‘me’ with a twofold effect. It helped me relax and keep calm (mentally and emotionally) and prepare my skin and body (inside and out) for Andrew and Anna, the paparazzi … and of course Jorge!

Tips/advice to other brides?

 Enjoy every moment of the preparation and lead up to your special day! Ensure what you organise is a reflection of you and your husband-to-be. It is very important that your partner also has a say even if you think they aren’t interested. I always ran every decision past Jorge and he gave me a different perspective and sometimes other things to consider that I didn’t think about. Be organised and don’t forget to delegate!

 What are you most looking forward to? 

I think these two quotes sum it up for me:

“He stole my heart, so I’m taking his surname” and “My beloved is mine and I am his”. When I can finally say these two words ‘ours’ and ‘we’, I am looking forward to our new journey together as Mr and Mrs.

Was there any special traditions you have included in your day?

We had lots of traditions leading up to our special day. My grandmother (Nonna Netta) has given Jorge and I a special religious icon to pin on our wedding outfit. The most important thing is that only God knows where we pin them, nobody else. This tradition is meant to give us good luck and keep evil spirits away on the day. I hope to make time to say parts of the rosary before I leave the home as well, but that’s just a personal thing.

What do you love most about your man? And when did you know he was your one?

Jorge is a loving, caring, patient and respectful person. He is young at heart. Jorge is the only person that can calm me down, make me smile and wish he would just leave me alone all in a moment. Hopefully you can capture this on Saturday because I’m sure he won’t be able to help himself.

“When I saw you I fell in love, you smiled because you knew” William Shakespeare

I remember the night that I came home and told my mum and my sister I met this boy Jorge. It was at a mutual friend’s 18th. To this day I’ll never forget my exact words “I am going to marry him one day.” Love at first sight does exist!

Best advice about love/marriage you’ve received?

The best advice I’ve been given is from my grandfather (Nonno Jim). He’s had a wonderful 57 years with my grandmother (Nonna Netta). Imagine an old Italian man with a heavy accent: “Pazienza! Pazienza! Pazienza! (Patience, Patience Patience). You got to love him, look after him, listen to him and make sure you appreciate him. If you do, all of these things, he will treat you like a Principessa (Princess)”

My sister, Marissa also gave me some great advice at our Engagement:

Jorge and Katrina’s Recipe of Love:


2 Hearts Full of Love

2 Heaping Cups of Kindness

3 Cups of Happiness

4 Armfuls of Gentleness

1 Lifetime of Togetherness

2 Minds Full of Tenderness

A touch of Beauty – (Katrina)

A hit of Humour – (Jorge)

A sprinkle of organised – (Katrina)

A splash of constant affection of pinching, biting and poking “never leaving her alone” – (Jorge)


Stir Daily with Patience!
Serve with Warmth, Compassion, Respect and Loyalty.

Including a good coffee made by the barista himself … Jorge


What does marriage mean to you?

Jorge and I had the opportunity to have some reflection time leading up to our special day. These are ‘our’ words:

Marriage comes as a gift from the hand of God. Our vision of marriage is:

  • It unites us as a couple in faithful and mutual love
  • It opens our relationship as a couple to giving life
  • It reminds others that we are a sign of Christ’s love in the world

Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”- Ephesians 4:2-3

If a husband and wife are humble, patient, gentle, and selfless in a relationship this will cause less confrontation and arguments. This verse reminds us to keep calm and do as Jesus would do.

Jorge lost his beloved grandma Joanna and we asked this question –

If you want to share about how you both feel with such a sad event happening so close to such a happy one – I would love to hear about that. And also what you have realised about love and family after going through something like this just before your wedding. Would you have done anything differently looking back?

Jorge’s Words:

It’s only when you lose something special, that you truly appreciate how special that something is. It’s impossible to portray the love and affection about someone in only a few sentences, and only people who have lost can sympathise with this feeling. Nonna was the rock, pillar and foundation that this whole family found stability on. When the foundation crumbles, we learn to rebuild. It’s never the same but we get by, however, we will never forget how it was like in the beginning. Nonna’s legacy will always remain in our hearts and in our minds. Even though she is not with us anymore, her memories will be the glue that keeps us all together.

Katrina’s Words:

Nonna Giovanna was an amazing woman. With a smile on her face, Nonna’s disposition revealed that …

“Faith makes all things possible; Hope makes all things work; Love makes all things beautiful.”

In light of this, how important are memories and being able to preserve them through photos? 

Absolutely essential! Memories are treasures. I love taking family photos and capturing every moment of any event I attend.

Most important thing for you to remember on the day is?

Even though Nonna Giovanna won’t be with us physically she will most definitely be with us spiritually. As my sister-in-law Patricia has said “She will have one of the best seats in the house” and I’m sure Andrew and Anna will be able to capture her spirit somehow.



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