Luke and Sonia

Luke and Sonia had a spectacular wedding day. It was a particularly special affair as they approached it as not only their marriage, but the coming together of them as a family with Sonia’s son Jordano. It was wonderful to see how Jordano was included in every part of the day. Luke said his vows not only to Sonia but to Jordano as well. This was truly unforgettable. Sonia looked stunning and we loved her unique headpiece. We discovered at the reception that not only is Sonia gorgeous but she is a very talented singer too when she performed a touching love song dedicated to Luke. Sonia was previously a member of the Million Dollar Babes group and her bridal party was made up of fellow Babes who helped get the party started by performing songs as well. Guests also had a lot of fun in the photobooth with Luke’s impressive handmade picture frame!


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