Magical Moments

Katrina and Jorge had a fairytale wedding day, filled with love and laughter and multiple outfit changes.

We chatted to the euphoric bride after her big day and got all the goss about how she was feeling as she walked down the aisle, what her favourite moment was and why she changed outfits.





Describe your day in a sentence?

One of the best days of my life – It was romantic, elegant, classic, traditional, intimate and bittersweet.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

I had two favourite moments:

The first moment was when Jorge and I exchanged vows at the Catholic Church ceremony. We melted into each other’s gaze. It almost felt like no one else was there.

The second moment was when we walked into our reception.  There was an overwhelming feeling of love and joy. The warmth of our families and friends was indescribable. Not only was this the first time we were publicly announced as a Mr and Mrs but we also surprised our guests with a wardrobe change… That was fun!

The first thing you thought when you woke up was?

Today I will marry my best friend.

The most surprising part was?

Jorge has a way of always keeping me on my toes. Just when I think I have everything organised and worked out. He still manages to take my breath away. After mains were served, he pulled out another Canturi box and whispered in my ear “You are beautiful and we are in a beautiful place surrounded by our families and friends. So since you’re officially my queen, you’ll need to wear a Regina (Queen) Ring from now on.”

Would you change anything about the day?

Not at all. Everything was just what we hoped it would be. A true reflection of us as a couple – We are so thankful and blessed to all those who helped make our dream wedding possible.

Was it everything you imagined it would be?

Yes of course! All of our guests cannot stop reminding our parents about how beautiful the day was and how much love was present.

What were you feeling when you walked down the aisle?

I was so emotional! I didn’t think I was going to make it down the aisle but as soon as I saw Jorge I was completely at peace.

Tell us about the dress? 

It’s all about the details! A very dear friend of mine George Elsissa designed my dress using inspirational photos and pictures. I love consistency so what was happening in my dress reflected a feature in my bridesmaids dresses. I wanted to look traditional at both Church ceremonies. I also wanted to look and feel like my true self at the reception hence the two in one dress!

What do you think about the photographs that Andrew took? Did they capture the day? 

 Andrew has a special technique of telling a story through a lens. We are an unassuming couple, being the centre of attention is the last thing Jorge and I would expect. However, Andrew made us feel so comfortable in our roles as Bride and Groom that he managed to capture moments on our wedding day in such an effortless manner.



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